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June, 2010

Baby Wear At Great Prices

Baby wear is a great gift idea for new mothers and expectant mothers, and is a way to celebrate that special occasion whilst also giving new parents something that is actually useful! So, with this in mind, where can you find all kinds of baby clothes at fantastic prices?

Baby Dresses

There’s no escaping it: babies look cute in dresses! And at Universal Textiles we’ve got loads of great baby dresses in a wide variety of styles and designs – such as flower designs, which even come complete with headbands.

Baby Shoes

Baby booties are another way to embellish your little one’s little baby outfit, and at Universal Textiles they are available in a wide variety of super-cute styles, whether your looking for baby shoes for a special occasion, such as a christening, or your looking for everyday baby shoes such as fantastic Dora the Explorer booties.

Sleep Wear

There’s no reason while your baby shouldn’t look their best while they’re sleeping, and with this in mind, at Universal Textiles we’ve got loads of great sleep wear which combines comfort with cute style.

At Universal Textiles we understand that new parents in particular don’t have the disposable income to spend on expensive clothes, however this shouldn’t be a constraint and that is why we offer great money off offers and all our baby clothes are available at great prices.

So why not make that expectant or new mother’s day today with some great baby clothes from Universal Textiles.

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Nice And Smart

Baby wear will always have function over style, which is understandable considering that babies’ needs are always paramount. However, whilst functional items often compromise in terms of style, this doesn’t need to be the case – and there’s no reason while your little one shouldn’t be nice and smart!

Many grown up brands now make some great baby clothes, and therefore by opting for famous brands you are not only ensuring that your baby is dressed in the best quality baby clothes, but that they are also a little trendsetter, too!

On a similar note, dressing your baby in little versions of grown up accessories is also a great way to create a baby look that is at once super-cute as well as super-cool. For example, cargo shorts or baby booties are a great way to inject a little grown up style into your baby’s look.

Of course, just like with adult clothes there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for used baby clothes – although it is especially important that they are fit for purpose, and you should be looking for high quality natural materials, such as cotton or wool.

Alternatively you could by affordable yet awesome baby wear from us at Universal Textiles who offer loads of baby booties and clothes to suit both boys and girls, which makes creating that beautiful baby look takes nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse.

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Making Dinner Time A Breeze

We’ve all gotta eat, and as every parent knows nutrition is fundamental to a child’s development. Unfortunately, however, babies aren’t the best eaters in the world! If you really want your baby’s dinner time to go off with a hitch then you’ll have to pull out all the stops.

The first point is a serious one, and baby dinner time will only go without a hitch if your baby is eating the right food. With this in mind, specially formulated baby food is not only good for your baby nutritional but it is also engineered to appeal to a baby’s particular tastes.

Whilst there is always a serious aspect to baby care, this doesn’t mean that you can’t inject a little fun into the proceedings. And we’re sure you’re all familiar with the “here comes the aeroplane into the hanger” game, which is a simple way to make dinner time a little more fun!

One of the big challenges for a parent is that babies are more often than not messy eaters, and therefore in order to optimise baby feeding time you’ll want items like high chairs, baby wear such as bibs, and beakers. Linking to the last point, baby wear need not only be practical items, and they can also be fun items emblazoned with the latest cartoon characters, for example.

Whatever your looking for, whether its baby bibs or baby clothes, at Universal Textiles your bound to find what your looking for – and well on your way to making dinner time a breeze!

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How To Keep Your Baby Warm

No-one likes to be cold, and in regards to babies, rather than being merely an inconvenience the cold can represent a real danger. However, without wanting to be scare mongers, keeping your baby warm in winter is fairly easy!

Nights are usually colder than the day, and therefore it is during the night that babies and infants will be most vulnerable to the cold. With this in mind, it is important that your baby has enough warm bedding, and that ideally your baby is kitted out in baby wear such as sleepsuits!

Baby wear, including sleepsuits, optimise your baby’s comfort are also designed to keep your baby warm. Therefore a sleepsuit in conjunction with warm bedding practically guarantees that your baby will remain warm through the night.

Whilst babies would probably love to stay in their sleepsuits throughout the day, unfortunately  this isn’t practical, and staying warm in the day time will require some other items of baby wear. for example, in the winter months winter baby shoes are a fantastic way to ensure that your little one stays nice and toast!

Along with baby shoes, you could also deck out your baby in woolly hats or a good pair of woolen mittens, which will give your baby a comforting experience as well as giving them extra protection from the cold.

Of course keeping your baby warm is a very serious matter, however this doesn’t mean that your baby shoes, hats and other items can’t be stylish – and at Universal Textiles you can find great baby clothes that aren’t only practical by stylish, too.

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Baby Clothes – Comfort Is Paramount

Touch is the first sense that a baby uses to interpret the world – and therefore the tactile quality of baby clothes will have a considerable impact on your baby’s experience, which means that unlike adult clothes were comfort can often be at the expense of high style, with baby clothes comfort really is paramount.

The biggest determining factor of comfort with baby clothes is quite obviously the materials that make up the baby outfit, and with this in mind, natural materials such as cotton are still the most comfortable even though synthetic materials are getting evermore closer to the tactile experience of natural materials.

Whilst natural materials go some way to ensuring the comfort of your little one, a baby will only be truly comfortable if their baby clothes fit properly! There might be a tendency to think of babies as all the same size but this isn’t the case! You should endeavour to buy clothes and baby booties that fit your baby properly.

A baby or small child will be most susceptible to discomfort in baby booties and clothes when they are in bed, and therefore it is especially important that sleepwear is made for comfort – remember, a baby cares far more about comfort than style.

By ensuring that your baby sleeps and plays in comfort, it is far less likely that your little one will  be distressed or have their sleep disturbed – ensuring a happy time for you and your baby!

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