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Nice And Smart

Baby wear will always have function over style, which is understandable considering that babies’ needs are always paramount. However, whilst functional items often compromise in terms of style, this doesn’t need to be the case – and there’s no reason while your little one shouldn’t be nice and smart!

Many grown up brands now make some great baby clothes, and therefore by opting for famous brands you are not only ensuring that your baby is dressed in the best quality baby clothes, but that they are also a little trendsetter, too!

On a similar note, dressing your baby in little versions of grown up accessories is also a great way to create a baby look that is at once super-cute as well as super-cool. For example, cargo shorts or baby booties are a great way to inject a little grown up style into your baby’s look.

Of course, just like with adult clothes there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for used baby clothes – although it is especially important that they are fit for purpose, and you should be looking for high quality natural materials, such as cotton or wool.

Alternatively you could by affordable yet awesome baby wear from us at Universal Textiles who offer loads of baby booties and clothes to suit both boys and girls, which makes creating that beautiful baby look takes nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse.

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