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July, 2010

Tips For Buying Baby Wear For Parents To Be

If you are waiting until the birth to find out if your baby is a little girl or a boy, it can be very difficult to choose baby clothes in advance. Your baby will not mind as long as the material is breathable and comfortable. But for the parents, it will be more confusing, so it is best to follow a few rules when buying baby wear.

When buying baby clothes or baby bibs for a boy, you do not have to just stick to blue colours. Other options are grey, green or beige colours. Likewise you do not only have to buy baby dresses and baby shoes for little girls in pink. You could choose lilac, yellow or orange. Other safe bets for both little girls and boys are cream, white or green. Baby clothes can be made more exciting and more unique by having funny phrases or pictures printed on to them.

Baby clothes
should be bought a few sizes too big as you do not want the clothes clinging to your baby’s skin. This will make it difficult for parents to dress their little one and will be unbearable for babies. It will also mean that they will grow out of the clothes quicker.

Baby shoes will need to be worn
with socks for extra comfort. Buy socks in colours that will complement and match the baby clothes you have already bought. Take this into account when buying baby bibs also as they will need to look good with other clothes.

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How To Prolong The Life Of Baby Clothes

With the current economic climate making baby clothes last longer has become even more important. As your baby will grow very quickly in the early years of their life, baby wear will always have a very short life span. To get the most out of baby clothes, parents need to look after them and care for them properly. If you follow these tips correctly, you may even be able to use them for other babies you may have in the future.

Baby sleepsuits can last longer if you cut off the feet at the bottom. This means your baby will be able to keep on growing for a while longer before you have to buy a bigger size. Likewise, you can cut the arms and legs off a winter sleepsuit to make a summer sleepsuit.

If your little girl or boy has grown out of their trousers, cut the leg and make them into shorts. In the same way, cut the arms off jackets to make a waistcoat for your baby.

To get the most out of baby wear, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label when washing clothes. If you follow the advice on the label, the baby booties and clothes will last longer as the manufacturers have spent a lot of time testing the fabrics and know how to get the best out of them. However popping the clothes in the washing machine may not always be the best option. If your baby has only stained their clothes slightly in one or two isolated spots, use a damp cloth to dab them clean.

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Stylish Baby Clothes

Everyone wants their baby to be dressed in the cutest and most stylish baby clothes. This has become even more apparent in today’s image obsessed world. But how do you know what baby clothes to choose when you are expecting?

Baby shoes are often given to new parents as presents. It is best to buy them in neutral pastel colours if you do not know whether the baby is going to be a little boy or girl. Pink baby shoes look cute on girls, while blue baby shoes will look adorable on little boys. But a safe bet is to choose white, cream or lemon coloured baby shoes.

New parents will also receive or buy baby sleepsuits. Although you may want it to look stylish, like all the other baby wear, the most important thing here is comfort. You do not want your baby overheating during the night. Likewise your baby will not be happy if they are too cold. This will keep you and baby up all night. So choose a baby playsuit in a comfortable material which will help your baby’s skin breathe.

Regardless of whether baby clothes are stylish or not, the clothes need to be easy to put on and need to wash well. Babies will go through several clothes a day so it is important they will withstand the test of time when going through the wash. Elasticated waist bands are also useful as are socks without shaped heels. Your baby will be able to keep wearing them as they grow.

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Baby Bibs As A Stylish Accessory

The main purpose of baby bibs is to keep baby clothes clean (and reduce the number of clothes being put in the washing machine). But more people are starting to see them as stylish accessories.

Baby bibs come in so many different colours and textures. They can be matched to different baby clothes, making outfits colour co-ordinated.  They can also be personalised to include your baby’s name or a funny message.

Parents can choose what messages they want on baby bibs and relatives can send personalised gifts to new parents by having a private message written on it. As your baby grows, a picture of their favourite cartoon character may take pride of place on their bib. This will also help develop your child’s imagination and creativity.

With more women working long hours, domestic chores such as washing baby clothes can pile up. Baby bibs are essential for busy parents and this is why it is even more important to make sure they match what your baby is wearing.

With their coordination skills developing, it is inevitable that babies will make a mess when eating, drinking or even playing. What is the point in spending money on expensive baby wear if they are going to be constantly dirty? But then again why spend the money on baby booties and clothes if they are going to be hidden behind a bib? The answer is that parents need bibs to complement the clothes they put on their baby and not hide them!

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Baby Wear For Hot Summer Days

On a hot day, the last thing you want to do is dress your baby in too many baby clothes. Like their parents, babies want to feel comfortable in high temperatures. But you do not need to jeopardise baby style for practicality or to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

Loose fitting baby booties and clothes
are the perfect option as they are easy to put on your little one. Summer baby wear will also be made from lighter materials such as cotton.

When buying baby clothes, look for light colours, elastic waist bands or baby wear which opens from the bottom. This will help make dressing easier in hot weather and will help your baby’s skin breathe, making him or her feel more comfortable. It will also make your job easier as you will not have to spend as much time bothering with baby booties, fussy buttons and zips. This is great if you are also trying to cool yourself down in the heat.

Baby dresses are an option for little girls as they will keep the air circulating around their skin, keeping them cool. The bottom will be open, meaning little girls will feel cooler when wearing baby dresses. Baby boys can wear shorts and t-shirts to stop them becoming cranky with the heat.

In hot weather, you may choose not to put a hat on your baby as this may trap heat. If you are worried about protecting him or her from the sun, invest in a parasol for your buggy.

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