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How To Prolong The Life Of Baby Clothes

With the current economic climate making baby clothes last longer has become even more important. As your baby will grow very quickly in the early years of their life, baby wear will always have a very short life span. To get the most out of baby clothes, parents need to look after them and care for them properly. If you follow these tips correctly, you may even be able to use them for other babies you may have in the future.

Baby sleepsuits can last longer if you cut off the feet at the bottom. This means your baby will be able to keep on growing for a while longer before you have to buy a bigger size. Likewise, you can cut the arms and legs off a winter sleepsuit to make a summer sleepsuit.

If your little girl or boy has grown out of their trousers, cut the leg and make them into shorts. In the same way, cut the arms off jackets to make a waistcoat for your baby.

To get the most out of baby wear, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label when washing clothes. If you follow the advice on the label, the baby booties and clothes will last longer as the manufacturers have spent a lot of time testing the fabrics and know how to get the best out of them. However popping the clothes in the washing machine may not always be the best option. If your baby has only stained their clothes slightly in one or two isolated spots, use a damp cloth to dab them clean.

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