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August, 2010

Baby’s Routine

One of the first pieces of information you’ll be afforded as a new parent is to get baby into a routine concerning everything from feeds and baths, to naps and play time. Even the fabric of your baby clothes and baby shoes can affect sensitive babies.

The simple reason for baby’s need for a structured environment is that the new world they’ve been born into is chaos to them. Routine and predictability provide respite from the constant, hectic new discoveries your baby or toddler experiences every day.

Does baby sometimes cry if you use a different texture of bath towel before dressing them in their baby sleepsuit? Baby’s skin is very sensitive to texture. A simple change in their usual texture routine can cause some babies to react irritably.

Living by a routine also helps shield your baby or toddler from outside influences. For example, a family member going on a trip could cause a grumpy child, but with the routine to focus on, tears and fuss are greatly reduced.

Children who are raised on routines have been shown to learn and follow rules more quickly, adapt to environmental and social changes better, and develop sequencing habits (after dinner is bath time, after baby socks comes baby shoes etc.) more quickly.

An interesting point to note is that the practice of a routine establishes environmental parameters for your child to grow within. Once your baby has these permanent boundaries established, he or she is less likely to be afraid of fresh challenges and adventures.

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Gifts For Babies

If you’ve recently found that a member of your family or a close friend is welcoming a new arrival into their household, you may be wondering how you can acknowledge this in the form of a gift.

Truth be told, new parents are likely to appreciate gifts that are practical more than anything particularly lavish. Babies go through clothes, bibs, bedding and shoes or baby booties extremely quickly, and it can therefore be a good idea to buy some of these as gifts for a new baby.

Here at Universal Textiles, amongst our range of baby wear and other accessories are baby gift sets. These are particularly ideal if you are undecided about which sort of practical gift is most ideal, as they incorporate baby clothes for boys and girls in a variety of styles, such as sleep suits, bodysuits, hats and bibs all in one set.

We also supply all of these items individually if you do have your heart set on buying a particular gift. Our packs of baby bibs are themed around popular children’s characters and come in packs of up to seven bibs.

We also have a wider range of packs of baby clothes such as body and sleep suits, available in the typical gender colours of blue and pink as well as gender neutral yellow. For something more unique, these baby clothes can also be bought with certain patterns on them, and with an added hat to match.

Here at Universal Textiles, we aim to provide one of the widest online ranges of baby clothes to suit all preferences and occasions. You’re sure to find something to your liking on our website.

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Baby Bath Time!

Especially if this is your first, you’re probably hyper-aware of doing the wrong thing when it comes to… well, everything – from choosing baby clothes to bath time! Getting used to bathing your baby can be difficult because of baby’s physical and vocal reactions to things like changes in temperature and environment.

A snug, warm room helps baby feel as cosy and restful in the bath as in their baby sleepsuit. What may be a light breeze for you may be uncomfortable for your baby once you remove their baby clothes, so avoid anywhere a through draft could pass. An adult bath is a little tricky to manoeuvre baby around unless you’re bathing, too. The best options are usually the sink or baby bath. Baby will be very slippery so an easy-to-hold position is very important. You need to be able to adequately support baby’s neck and head whilst sliding them slowly into the bathwater.

Check and double check the temperature of the bath water – a nice evening bath before bedtime will keep baby warm and snugly in the bath environment.

The same routine of washing, for example, top to bottom then front to back, will help baby relax at bath time before you slip them back into their baby wear. Also, too much soap can irritate baby’s skin. Use soap sparingly and flannels gently, applying a little baby lotion before baby’s sleepsuit time.

Remember, babies can be fickle little monkeys! It’s common for babies to suddenly abhor baths in favour of showers and vice versa for no apparent reason. Go along with baby’s curiosity and enjoy the ride!


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Budget Baby Clothes And Essential Accessories

When baby arrives, it’s easy to feel like he or she needs the best of the best where every item is concerned. This is not really the case, and by budget shopping on certain items some of that valuable cash will be freed up. After all, university is only eighteen or so short years away!

The fact is that babies need very little other than their mothers straight away – nappies, some baby clothes, a warm blanket, cot (bypass the expense of a crib or bassinette), car seat, and a few other peripherals.

Re-usable nappies are a great idea, as this is the most environmentally-sound option and can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Baby wear should include some baby sleepsuits, babygrows, warm outside suit, hat and booties. A warm blanket is essential even in the summer months. Breathable materials are best for baby’s clothes and blankets, even in winter, as they allow moisture to escape whilst keeping baby warm and comfortable. Our “Baby Cellular 100% Cotton Cot Blanket” is 100% cotton (the best breathable material around!) allergy-free and a fantastic bargain.

Some items of baby wear, for example, baby bibs, are a great area to be thrifty on simply because there is no point in spending tons of cash on a piece of fabric that catches food (and other unmentionables!) Baby bibs tend to come in multi-packs to compensate for their constant use. All the baby bibs on in our online store are absorbent and machine washable.

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Baby’s First Steps: The Importance Of Baby Shoes That Fit

When baby pops into the world, baby’s foot bones are mostly cartilage, making them just as delicate as the rest of your wonderful little bundle. It’s essential to allow baby’s super cute little tootsies to develop freely.

The general consensus amongst experts and parents alike is that babies simply don’t need to wear shoes with the same specifications as adults until they’re walking. In fact, the best time to buy your baby’s first pair of baby shoes is just as they’re being to toddle about! We provide an optional delivery service to get the goods to you for the next working day, so baby won’t have to wait long. Some of our most popular items are the Baby Boy/Baby Girl “Teddy Pattern with Strap” shoes. They’re supportive, adorable and comfortable for baby’s first steps!

The best type of shoes for pre-walkers are baby booties. These are mostly to keep baby’s feet warm and protected from their environment. Make a cup of tea, settle down and browse our romper suit collection for the most suitable (and cute!) choices for baby. Baby clothes with built-in baby booties are a great option to make sure your pre-walking baby is protected without any growth or movement being limited.

Once baby is walking, we recommend you get their feet measured every six to eight weeks. Another expert tip is to check baby’s feet thoroughly at bath time, as sometimes injuries or abnormalities could go unnoticed.

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