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Budget Baby Clothes And Essential Accessories

When baby arrives, it’s easy to feel like he or she needs the best of the best where every item is concerned. This is not really the case, and by budget shopping on certain items some of that valuable cash will be freed up. After all, university is only eighteen or so short years away!

The fact is that babies need very little other than their mothers straight away – nappies, some baby clothes, a warm blanket, cot (bypass the expense of a crib or bassinette), car seat, and a few other peripherals.

Re-usable nappies are a great idea, as this is the most environmentally-sound option and can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Baby wear should include some baby sleepsuits, babygrows, warm outside suit, hat and booties. A warm blanket is essential even in the summer months. Breathable materials are best for baby’s clothes and blankets, even in winter, as they allow moisture to escape whilst keeping baby warm and comfortable. Our “Baby Cellular 100% Cotton Cot Blanket” is 100% cotton (the best breathable material around!) allergy-free and a fantastic bargain.

Some items of baby wear, for example, baby bibs, are a great area to be thrifty on simply because there is no point in spending tons of cash on a piece of fabric that catches food (and other unmentionables!) Baby bibs tend to come in multi-packs to compensate for their constant use. All the baby bibs on in our online store are absorbent and machine washable.

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