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Baby Bath Time!

Especially if this is your first, you’re probably hyper-aware of doing the wrong thing when it comes to… well, everything – from choosing baby clothes to bath time! Getting used to bathing your baby can be difficult because of baby’s physical and vocal reactions to things like changes in temperature and environment.

A snug, warm room helps baby feel as cosy and restful in the bath as in their baby sleepsuit. What may be a light breeze for you may be uncomfortable for your baby once you remove their baby clothes, so avoid anywhere a through draft could pass. An adult bath is a little tricky to manoeuvre baby around unless you’re bathing, too. The best options are usually the sink or baby bath. Baby will be very slippery so an easy-to-hold position is very important. You need to be able to adequately support baby’s neck and head whilst sliding them slowly into the bathwater.

Check and double check the temperature of the bath water – a nice evening bath before bedtime will keep baby warm and snugly in the bath environment.

The same routine of washing, for example, top to bottom then front to back, will help baby relax at bath time before you slip them back into their baby wear. Also, too much soap can irritate baby’s skin. Use soap sparingly and flannels gently, applying a little baby lotion before baby’s sleepsuit time.

Remember, babies can be fickle little monkeys! It’s common for babies to suddenly abhor baths in favour of showers and vice versa for no apparent reason. Go along with baby’s curiosity and enjoy the ride!


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