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Baby’s Routine

One of the first pieces of information you’ll be afforded as a new parent is to get baby into a routine concerning everything from feeds and baths, to naps and play time. Even the fabric of your baby clothes and baby shoes can affect sensitive babies.

The simple reason for baby’s need for a structured environment is that the new world they’ve been born into is chaos to them. Routine and predictability provide respite from the constant, hectic new discoveries your baby or toddler experiences every day.

Does baby sometimes cry if you use a different texture of bath towel before dressing them in their baby sleepsuit? Baby’s skin is very sensitive to texture. A simple change in their usual texture routine can cause some babies to react irritably.

Living by a routine also helps shield your baby or toddler from outside influences. For example, a family member going on a trip could cause a grumpy child, but with the routine to focus on, tears and fuss are greatly reduced.

Children who are raised on routines have been shown to learn and follow rules more quickly, adapt to environmental and social changes better, and develop sequencing habits (after dinner is bath time, after baby socks comes baby shoes etc.) more quickly.

An interesting point to note is that the practice of a routine establishes environmental parameters for your child to grow within. Once your baby has these permanent boundaries established, he or she is less likely to be afraid of fresh challenges and adventures.

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