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Adorable, Practical Baby Wear

What your baby wears is important. If clothing is uncomfortable, made with unsuitable fabrics and of impractical design, it is ineffective as baby clothing. Baby clothes should be soft and comfy as well as fashionable and attractive. But this needn’t mean paying adult clothing prices in high street stores for something your child will grow out of incredibly quickly. At Universal Textiles, the needs of families – particularly new parents – are understood, and this is why we aim to provide beautiful baby clothing that is both priced and designed with practicality in mind.

For any season or occasion, our website has items of clothing for your baby boy or girl, from dresses and shoes to baby booties and all in ones, all made using adorable fabrics with cute colours and patterns. All items are designed with sensitive skin taken into account. It is easy to purchase a full daily wardrobe for a fraction of the high street price with a large variety of several-piece sets for both boys and girls available in our simple to operate online baby wear catalogue.

Other textile-oriented items necessary for bringing up a new baby – such as towels and cot bedding, for example – are also offered at great prices. We understand exactly the needs and funds of a family with a new baby in the mix, and aim to provide everything essential in terms of baby clothing and other important linens, designed adorably and made even cuter by price tags as teeny as your baby!

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