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November, 2010

Choosing Baby Shoes is Easy

Everyone knows that picking the right shoes is important, and when it’s baby shoes you’re shopping for everyone wants to choose the perfect pair. As when shopping for any kind of baby clothing it’s much easier than buying the same kind of thing for an adult.

A baby can’t tell you whether or not they are comfortable in an item of baby clothing in the same way an older child or a grown up can. They can’t say that it needs to be a little looser around the arms or a little longer in the legs, they’ll just express disapproval the only way they know how, and it might not be obvious what’s bothering them. However, with shoes it’s pretty easy to tell if they fit right, and the demands placed on baby wear of all kinds are much lighter than those we make of our own clothing.

When it’s shoes we’re talking about, good fit is essential for toddlers, bigger kids, and adults who will be walking and running around. The feet take a pounding all day every day, so any pressure points inside the shoe will cause problems. By the same token you don’t want shoes that are too loose because they are a trip hazard and can cause blisters.

Babies don’t need their shoes to take a lot of weight, so footwear for little ones can be very soft and comfortable. Getting the right size is easy, and most babies grow at a similar rate so it will be clear from the age ranges offered in the product descriptions which ones you need. When you try the shoes on your baby’s feet, just make sure they aren’t tight and that delicate baby feet are free to develop and grow.

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Buying Baby Clothing Over the Internet

Everyone knows that high street retail sales have dropped significantly since the start of the global recession, but what most people don’t realise is that there’s one sales sector that continues to enjoy strong growth across all industries. Internet sales are still rising in the UK and around the world.

In fact it might be the recession that is driving more people to shop online – for baby clothing, sporting equipment, home furnishings, and even everyday groceries or anything else you care to name – because it’s the best place to find bargains. Online retailers cut costs by not having to maintain a shop front that needs to be paid for, maintained and staffed so they can pass those savings on to their customers.

Competition in the online retail world is very high because it’s so easy to compare prices between sites and nobody is restricted to just looking at prices offered by companies in their local area. We sell baby dresses and baby booties and all kinds of other clothes for little ones, and we sell to anyone in the UK from central London to the remotest Scottish Glen. You’re free to compare our prices against other online shops and see who is offering the best products for the best prices. We’re confident that you’ll find Universal Textiles a pretty good choice.

The very best thing about buying online is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home whenever you want. When you shop on the internet, we’re always open!

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How Does Thermal Underwear Work?

Now that winter is well on the way we’re all feeling a bit of a chill in the air. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will be feeling it more keenly than most and it’s the perfect time to invest in some quality thermal underwear from Universal Textiles. In addition to our popular range of baby boy and baby girl clothes and other baby wear, we sock a range of thermal products for adults and children of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

It’s easy to assume that thermal tops and leggings just provide another layer of clothing between you and the winter chill but there is a little more to it than that. Modern thermals are pretty clever in the different ways they work to keep you warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside.

First of all, a layer of close fitting fabric right next to the skin reduces airflow and the slight draughts that would normally travel up loose trouser cuffs and down the arms and necks of jumpers. This means less heat is lost trying to warm up the air in between you and your outer clothing. Secondly, the fabrics we and other quality manufacturers use is quite special. It’s much warmer than a normal cotton or polyester material for the same kind of weight.

Maybe the smartest thing that high tech thermal clothing does is manage moisture. That’s particularly important for sportspeople. Imagine you go for a walk up a big hill on a cold winter day. When you’re working hard on the way up you’ll start to sweat. Thermal fabrics will help move that moisture away from your skin and evaporate it away so you don’t feel wet and cold on the way down.

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Proudly British made

At Universal Textiles we believe that keeping British manufacturing alive and well is important, not just when the economy is booming but yesterday, now, and in the future. For years big textile companies have been moving their factories and warehouses overseas where wage bills and operating costs are lower, and the recent sharp economic downturn has accelerated this sad trend as businesses scramble to cut costs.

Unfortunately that just makes things worse. Every British made pair of mens socks or baby booties means work for someone, somewhere in this country. Take that away and jobs will be lost. Not only does that mean higher unemployment and more people having to claim benefits, it also means that the items that were once made on our own home soil now need to be imported. That’s bad for the economy and bad for the environment when more freight is shipped around the world.

Where at all possible we try to stock goods made right here in Britain. The more baby dresses are manufactured here, the more we’re doing our bit to help the economy recover. Each one we sell is an investment in a secure, stable and profitable manufacturing sector that will provide jobs and good quality textiles in the future.

Because we think you should know when an item is made in the UK, we’ve labelled some of our products with that information. That way you’ve got an extra incentive to pick an item of clothing or homewear that’s manufactured in Britain.

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Changing Trends in Baby Clothing

Baby clothing and baby booties are often bought as gifts – new parents can use all the help they can get and they will certainly need a great pile of baby booties, romper suits, bibs, hats, and other items of clothing for the little one- and sometimes those gifts are bought before the baby is born. Gifts are expected both at the baby shower, which can be months before the due date, and on the occasion of the birth itself.

These days some couples find out if their baby will be a boy or a girl well in advance but others choose to leave the baby’s gender as a surprise. Few have a strong preference either way, regarding the health of the new arrival as the most important thing. Buying cheap baby clothes in advance is easy whether you know the gender or not. If in any doubt about the size the baby will be just buy a little bigger than what is probably necessary. That way if the baby is born big, your gift will be perfect! If it is a little smaller the clothes will still fit, just not straight away.

Colour used to be a sticking point. Everyone knows that baby boys are supposed to wear blue and baby girls pink, so how do you choose clothing if you don’t know if the wearer will be a little boy or a little girl? Well, these days it’s pretty simple. Don’t worry about it! Blue and pink are not the only colours in the rainbow and there are plenty of choices in green, yellow, red, and other gender-neutral colours, but times really have changed. Few people stick to the old rules about who gets to wear pink and who gets to wear blue so you can go ahead and choose whatever gift you like.

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