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Changing Trends in Baby Clothing

Baby clothing and baby booties are often bought as gifts – new parents can use all the help they can get and they will certainly need a great pile of baby booties, romper suits, bibs, hats, and other items of clothing for the little one- and sometimes those gifts are bought before the baby is born. Gifts are expected both at the baby shower, which can be months before the due date, and on the occasion of the birth itself.

These days some couples find out if their baby will be a boy or a girl well in advance but others choose to leave the baby’s gender as a surprise. Few have a strong preference either way, regarding the health of the new arrival as the most important thing. Buying cheap baby clothes in advance is easy whether you know the gender or not. If in any doubt about the size the baby will be just buy a little bigger than what is probably necessary. That way if the baby is born big, your gift will be perfect! If it is a little smaller the clothes will still fit, just not straight away.

Colour used to be a sticking point. Everyone knows that baby boys are supposed to wear blue and baby girls pink, so how do you choose clothing if you don’t know if the wearer will be a little boy or a little girl? Well, these days it’s pretty simple. Don’t worry about it! Blue and pink are not the only colours in the rainbow and there are plenty of choices in green, yellow, red, and other gender-neutral colours, but times really have changed. Few people stick to the old rules about who gets to wear pink and who gets to wear blue so you can go ahead and choose whatever gift you like.

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