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Proudly British made

At Universal Textiles we believe that keeping British manufacturing alive and well is important, not just when the economy is booming but yesterday, now, and in the future. For years big textile companies have been moving their factories and warehouses overseas where wage bills and operating costs are lower, and the recent sharp economic downturn has accelerated this sad trend as businesses scramble to cut costs.

Unfortunately that just makes things worse. Every British made pair of mens socks or baby booties means work for someone, somewhere in this country. Take that away and jobs will be lost. Not only does that mean higher unemployment and more people having to claim benefits, it also means that the items that were once made on our own home soil now need to be imported. That’s bad for the economy and bad for the environment when more freight is shipped around the world.

Where at all possible we try to stock goods made right here in Britain. The more baby dresses are manufactured here, the more we’re doing our bit to help the economy recover. Each one we sell is an investment in a secure, stable and profitable manufacturing sector that will provide jobs and good quality textiles in the future.

Because we think you should know when an item is made in the UK, we’ve labelled some of our products with that information. That way you’ve got an extra incentive to pick an item of clothing or homewear that’s manufactured in Britain.

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