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Magnificent men’s socks

Baby wear and baby shoes are not the only products that we offer to our thousands of satisfied customers: we also stock an amazing selection of men’s socks. Our six pack of superb plain men’s socks made from one hundred per cent cotton currently retails at bargain price. These comfortable and hard-wearing socks can be worn to work or with a suit to a social occasion such as a wedding, reunion or concert and are available in sizes six to eleven.

For those who appreciate a subtle styling twist, we also have men’s socks in cotton with a ribbed effect. These ribbed men’s socks are great value for money and have a soft elastic top for ultimate comfort. For diabetic customers, we have non-elastic topped men’s socks which are extremely comfortable, feature ribbed styling and are available in six packs of black, white, assorted light colours including earthy browns and creams, and assorted dark colours including perennial favourites grey and navy.

The brown set are ideal for wear with outdoor activity trousers, cords or country gear, and are both warm and comfortable. Alternatively, they could be worn with sandals and long shorts for a clever combination. The dark assortment pack features not only black, but also grey; perfect for various formal or suit combinations, and navy; which is a very good sock for all business outfits and various suits in shades of blue.

Combination packs offer great versatility and a sock for all occasions. Please check out universal-textiles.com regularly for all of your men’s socks needs.

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