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February, 2011

Thermal Investment: Buy Your Thermals Early

Thermal Underwear available at Universal Textiles

The spring is on its way (we hope), bringing to a close another snowy winter full of late trains, skidding cars, snowball fights and school Snow Days. So, what do we think next winter will hold in store for us?  Here in the office, we’re fairly certain next winter will bring more of the same. Did you know we don’t just stock baby wear? We carry a great selection of thermal underwear ranging from children’s thermal vests to thermal men’s socks, too.

The UK has never really been famous for predictable sunny weather, so to prepare for another freezing year of icy waits at the bus stop, tons of our customers visit us looking for cheap, reliable thermal underwear for use in the fields of camping, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, cold weather holidays, endurance exercises and much, much more.

Our bestselling thermal underwear products begin at under £4 – quite the bargain when you consider the important role your thermal underwear plays in maintaining health and happy activity in harsh conditions.

We know it’s not easy to shop when you can’t pick up an item, feel the fabric or try it on, which is why we try to describe our products as coherently as possible. By including customer reviews and our own unique ‘Thermal Rating’ five star system, we aim to make the process of buying online as easy as it is thrifty.

So, whether you’re stocking up ahead of this year’s cold end, or getting kitted-out for a year of chilly outdoor endeavours, don’t forget to browse our online catalogue over a cup of hot coffee.

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Occasion Wear: Best Baby Shoes

If there’s one thing we love about babies, it’s their adorable little fingers and toes (and when they have the good manners to sleep quietly through Top Gear). Choosing the best baby shoes for your baby’s delicate little feet needn’t be much of a chore, particularly if you think of these few important points while browsing our online collection of baby booties, baby sandals and baby shoes.

It’s all about balance

Without balance, we can’t walk. When taking their first steps, babies need to practice their balance skills. Many babies do this by pulling themselves up to a standing position using the couch, your hands, the dog’s tail, etc. It’s important to make sure their baby shoes acclimatise them for the best possible balance. Your baby will probably have learned a few balancing skills barefoot anyway, which makes the importance of baby shoes that fit properly a matter of physical development as well as comfort.

Be prepared to get limited use

If you’re investing in occasion wear baby shoes, be prepared for the fact they may not fit in another three to six months. Babies’ feet are very sensitive, so never force a shoe onto their little feet, even if it’s just for the duration of a wedding ceremony.

We do our best to keep prices as low as possible, and with some of our bestselling occasion wear baby shoes selling for less that £5, we think you’ll agree we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Browse our website today and see the cheap baby clothes we can offer.

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Sleeping Like an Angel: The Best Baby Wear

Babies spend a massive amount of time sleeping; gurgling away in their happy little dreamland of kittens, giant bottles of tasty milk and snugly blankets. Choosing the best baby wear for your child is terrifically important, as simple considerations like style and fabric can have a massive effect on how well your baby slumbers.


Short or long sleeves? Baby booties or not? If your baby is having trouble sleeping, it could be something as simple as them not being comfortable in their babygro. Before panicking and assuming the next few years of sleep will be fractured beyond repair, try a few different styles of baby sleep suits.

Sleep suits should be loose enough to allow free movement (it’s important baby’s growth is not restricted in any way) whilst keeping your baby’s delicate skin covered and protected from scratches or chills.


Many babies suffer from infant allergies, which is why we make sure our ranges of anti-allergy baby clothing products stay cheap and cheerful through the entire year. Most babies sleep easier in 100% cotton, but don’t worry about it costing the earth. Cheap baby clothes like our online ranges are designed with baby’s comfort and your wallet in mind.


Babies grow incredibly quickly, making the expansion of their wardrobe an ongoing consideration. We know you want cheap baby clothing if possible, which is why we do our best to keep prices down, particularly in terms of everyday baby clothes and sleepwear.

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Baby Clothes Buying Guide: What’s a Good Investment?

Babies are expensive. Well, they are by reputation at least. Since we spend a lot of our time sourcing baby clothes, baby shoes and cute accessories, we’ve become dab-hands at knowing the best places to invest your cash, and the best places find cheap baby clothes.


Baby’s skin is very sensitive, which could mean you need to invest in high quality cotton for your baby. All our baby wear is designed with sensitive baby skin in mind, so don’t worry about our cheap baby clothes being inferior or less cosy than more expensive counterparts.


Babies spend a lot of time sleeping (if you’re a lucky carer) which makes the importance of comfortable sleepwear fundamental to your baby’s mood (we all know what tired, sleep deprived babies are capable of). A few sets of 100% cotton baby pyjamas or sleep suits shouldn’t set you back more than an average of around £10.


Your baby’s day clothes are likely to come under all manner of attack (particularly from mashed carrots and dribble). You name it; the baby clothing will see it in real life colour.

If there’s one thing worth investing in, it’s outerwear. A good quality baby coat or suit can protect your baby from chills in cold conditions.

Occasion Wear

Some people love nothing more than to spend oodles of cash on their baby’s going-out outfits. In the spirit of honesty and frugality, it’s worth remembering that your baby may only wear a special outfit once before growing out of it. If you’re too tempted though, go for a single great item like a coat or dress.

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Don’t forget Your Nearest and Dearest Back Home

The modern world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. There was a time when it took six weeks’ sailing to reach Australia’s west coast, whereas we can now journey Down Under in less than a day (or, to put it another way, about seven in-flight movies). With so many people venturing far and wide around the globe, remembering those back home takes on increasing importance.

Celebrating the birth, birthday, first tooth, first world, or any of the big milestones in the life of a baby is easier than you might think when you’re 4000 miles away, mulling over which 4×4 to bounce around the Australian outback in.

Similarly, if you’re back in the UK missing a celebration in any of our delivery destinations, we can take care of it. We deliver to more than thirty-five international destinations, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Baby booties, baby clothing, it doesn’t matter – all of our products can be safely delivered to the doors of your favourite people and their gorgeous babies.

Our baby clothing collections are totally adorable, and extremely well detailed to help you make the best baby wear choice online. A few tips though; babies grow FAST, so make sure you have the most up to date measurements to help you choose the best baby clothing for your lovely little friend. Our international deliveries are all sent by Airmail, which usually takes around ten days, so give yourself plenty of time when getting baby clothes in time for a special occasion.

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