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Baby Clothes Buying Guide: What’s a Good Investment?

Babies are expensive. Well, they are by reputation at least. Since we spend a lot of our time sourcing baby clothes, baby shoes and cute accessories, we’ve become dab-hands at knowing the best places to invest your cash, and the best places find cheap baby clothes.


Baby’s skin is very sensitive, which could mean you need to invest in high quality cotton for your baby. All our baby wear is designed with sensitive baby skin in mind, so don’t worry about our cheap baby clothes being inferior or less cosy than more expensive counterparts.


Babies spend a lot of time sleeping (if you’re a lucky carer) which makes the importance of comfortable sleepwear fundamental to your baby’s mood (we all know what tired, sleep deprived babies are capable of). A few sets of 100% cotton baby pyjamas or sleep suits shouldn’t set you back more than an average of around £10.


Your baby’s day clothes are likely to come under all manner of attack (particularly from mashed carrots and dribble). You name it; the baby clothing will see it in real life colour.

If there’s one thing worth investing in, it’s outerwear. A good quality baby coat or suit can protect your baby from chills in cold conditions.

Occasion Wear

Some people love nothing more than to spend oodles of cash on their baby’s going-out outfits. In the spirit of honesty and frugality, it’s worth remembering that your baby may only wear a special outfit once before growing out of it. If you’re too tempted though, go for a single great item like a coat or dress.

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