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Sleeping Like an Angel: The Best Baby Wear

Babies spend a massive amount of time sleeping; gurgling away in their happy little dreamland of kittens, giant bottles of tasty milk and snugly blankets. Choosing the best baby wear for your child is terrifically important, as simple considerations like style and fabric can have a massive effect on how well your baby slumbers.


Short or long sleeves? Baby booties or not? If your baby is having trouble sleeping, it could be something as simple as them not being comfortable in their babygro. Before panicking and assuming the next few years of sleep will be fractured beyond repair, try a few different styles of baby sleep suits.

Sleep suits should be loose enough to allow free movement (it’s important baby’s growth is not restricted in any way) whilst keeping your baby’s delicate skin covered and protected from scratches or chills.


Many babies suffer from infant allergies, which is why we make sure our ranges of anti-allergy baby clothing products stay cheap and cheerful through the entire year. Most babies sleep easier in 100% cotton, but don’t worry about it costing the earth. Cheap baby clothes like our online ranges are designed with baby’s comfort and your wallet in mind.


Babies grow incredibly quickly, making the expansion of their wardrobe an ongoing consideration. We know you want cheap baby clothing if possible, which is why we do our best to keep prices down, particularly in terms of everyday baby clothes and sleepwear.

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