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April, 2011

Choosing Baby Clothes for a British Holiday

As everybody knows, Britain is a country blessed with dramatic landscapes and dramatic weather. Because of this, extra consideration is needed when choosing which baby clothing will keep your little one adequately safe and happy on a British family holiday.

Before you go

If you are taking a very young baby on holiday then you will need to take at least three changes of baby clothes a day (if not more) to cope with all the inevitable dribbles and accidents that will happen. It can also be handy to have plenty of disposable bibs in your luggage just in case there are no normal ones available.

Good weather days

Take at least two or three swimming outfits (with UV protection) to make the most of those days when the sun does decide to shine and going for a paddle in the sea or a swim in the pool is possible. A good quality sunhat should also be worn to provide extra protection.

Bad weather days

A waterproof all-in-one can often be a good idea when the heavens open and the rain sets in for a few days. All-in-ones with fleece linings can provide extra warmth, while overbooties can also help to keep your baby’s feet dry. Naturally, the best way of dealing with inclement weather is to stay inside as much as possible.

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Choosing Baby Clothes for Holidays in the Sun

Going away on a sunshine holiday with your baby can be a very exciting time for all concerned. However, packing the right baby clothes is essential to ensuring your little one enjoys their holiday as much as you do.

UV protection

When travelling to sunny climes with a very young child, buying UV protection baby clothing is essential if you think you will be spending quite a bit of time outside. It can also be wise to take several sun hats for your baby so that you will always have a spare to replace any that go missing.

Covering up

Cotton and linen clothes with long sleeves, as well as long trouser leg lengths (or dress lengths), can help to keep your baby comfortably covered if you absolutely have to go out at the hottest times of the day. Clothes with long sleeves/leg lengths can also help to provide protection from insect bites in the evening too.


Body suits and cotton short-sleeved tops can be useful at bedtime as they can help to keep your baby nice and cool. However, if your holiday accommodation has air-conditioning then you may need to have a few sleepsuits at hand to ensure your baby doesn’t feel the chill quite so much. Although air-conditioning can be beneficial for adults, it can be quite uncomfortable for very small children.

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Summer Baby Clothes

Children who are born in the summer months really need very little in the way of baby clothes to begin with. The main things which need to be considered when thinking about summer baby clothing are whether fabrics are soft and breathable enough, and whether designs offer ease of access to make tasks such as nappy changing easier.

Newborn babies often have a propensity to move their limbs quite enthusiastically as they are still not entirely in control of their own movements. It normally takes a few weeks for this to subside, so you need to make sure any clothes you buy at this stage allow a good degree of movement. Nappy changing is also going to be a frequent necessity around this time so buying baby clothing like bodysuits and sleepsuits can help to speed up this enviable task with their easy access poppers.

Newborn babies’ sleep patterns can often be erratic in the summer months, as they are new to the world and of course aren’t used to the concept of fluctuating temperatures. Although sleepsuits are fine to use when summer nights are a little cooler, a bodysuit in conjunction with a light sheet can often be a better choice for the season. You may also want to invest in a number of sleeveless vest cardigans and sweatpants in soft, breathable fabrics to help deal with extended periods of warm weather.

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Winter Baby Clothes

Baby Winter Coat available at Universal Textiles

Children born in the winter need to have baby clothes which can easily be layered. At this time of the year, babies need to be kept cosy without getting over-heated in the clothes they wear. Two of the best baby clothing options to achieve this are body suits and sleepsuits

Body Suits

Body suits can be very useful for babies to wear in the winter months. A body suit is always handy because some of them have long sleeves while some have short, but all of them cover your baby’s tummy and keep them warm, which is the most important thing.


Newborn babies can be kept nice and snug in the winter by wearing complete sleepsuits. It is tempting to buy sleepsuits which are a bit too big in the belief that your baby will grow into them but all that will achieve is having leg lengths which are far too long. This can create complications when your baby is trying to move so be sure to buy sleepsuits which are a suitable size.

One of the most convenient aspects of using sleepsuits in the winter is that you can easily transfer your baby straight to bed without having to change them or wake them. However, if your baby remains in a sleepsuit at night-time, it is best not to put them into a sleeping bag as this can sometimes result in them being too hot.

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Considerations When Buying Baby Clothes

Buying clothes for a baby can be a bit more difficult than many people think. Below are a few things that need to be considered when buying baby clothing:

Newborn-three months

When buying clothes for a very young baby, safety should be your chief concern. When selecting clothes, examine them closely to see if there are any buttons, ribbons, or snaps which could be pulled off and so represent a possible choking hazard. Baby clothes which have velcro and zips on the back can be very handy at this age.

Six-nine months

Buying lots and lots of clothes for newborn babies is quite unnecessary because they grow so fast. However, when a baby reaches 6-9 months they grow a little slower, so you can indulge your inner-shopper and buy lots of baby clothing. Buying babies of this age clothing which in a size too big can be beneficial as they will have plenty of room to grow.

12-24 months

This is the period in a child‘s life when they start to play, have tantrums and undress themselves. When buying clothing for children of 12 -24 months, it can be very helpful to choose durable clothes. Having clothing that can be easily undone but which won’t rip can help to stop a child of this age getting irritated and throwing tantrums.

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