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Summer Baby Clothes

Children who are born in the summer months really need very little in the way of baby clothes to begin with. The main things which need to be considered when thinking about summer baby clothing are whether fabrics are soft and breathable enough, and whether designs offer ease of access to make tasks such as nappy changing easier.

Newborn babies often have a propensity to move their limbs quite enthusiastically as they are still not entirely in control of their own movements. It normally takes a few weeks for this to subside, so you need to make sure any clothes you buy at this stage allow a good degree of movement. Nappy changing is also going to be a frequent necessity around this time so buying baby clothing like bodysuits and sleepsuits can help to speed up this enviable task with their easy access poppers.

Newborn babies’ sleep patterns can often be erratic in the summer months, as they are new to the world and of course aren’t used to the concept of fluctuating temperatures. Although sleepsuits are fine to use when summer nights are a little cooler, a bodysuit in conjunction with a light sheet can often be a better choice for the season. You may also want to invest in a number of sleeveless vest cardigans and sweatpants in soft, breathable fabrics to help deal with extended periods of warm weather.

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