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Children’s Socks – Save Their Little Toes!

Children’s socks range from the functional to the fashionable. Finding the right ones to suit the tastes of your child can be difficult due to the variety that are available.  Basic socks are perfect for wearing with school uniform or with trainers under jeans.  These come in a range of colours and are available in both cotton and a cotton and Lycra mix.  This ensures that they are easy to clean, are hard wearing, and keep their shape for as long as possible.

Character socks are popular with younger children.  They come in a range of colours and sizes and are ideal as stocking filler gifts at Christmas or on birthdays.  The prices begin very low which makes it a little more bearable when the children change their minds about which characters they love!  The character socks are available as long socks, ankle socks or trainer socks.

Patterned socks are in fashion at the moment and the trend seems to be the brighter the better.  There are socks available in every colour imaginable and they are perfect for casual wear.  Thermal socks are also available for children and are perfect for those colder days when children still want to be outside.  Girls might prefer a feminine look to their socks and ankle socks with lace are still very popular, so parents can buy without worrying about them going out of fashion quickly.

All children’s socks are machine washable and are made from fabrics that are easily cared for.

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