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Buying Guide for Men’s Winter Gloves

Gloves are an essential item during the winter months and the type needed will depend on the activity.  For some winter sports, padded gloves that have a palm grip are the perfect choice.  They also have an adjustable strap that can be altered to suit, making them comfortable for all wearers.  However, for wearers who need to be working out of doors, the thermal fingerless gloves are a good option.  These allow freedom of movement so that money, mobile phones, and other items can be handled without the need to remove the glove.

Thermal micro fleece gloves are ideal for those who want the benefits of a thermal glove but in a lightweight fabric.  The gloves are machine washable and available in a wide range of colours.  The same fabric is used for fingerless men’s winter gloves.  Those who are not convinced by a lightweight fabric can opt for the heavy knit version instead.  These are acrylic and have an excellent thermal rating making them ideal for those very cold days in the middle of winter.

Men’s winter gloves are also available in a variety of fabrics including leather and suede as well as man-made fibres.  Leather gloves are available with different lining fabrics such as fleece for added comfort and warmth.  For a traditional look, there are knitted styles in a variety of colours and designs that are perfect for those who are simply using them when out walking on cooler days.

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