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Choosing the Right Men’s Winter Hats

A winter hat is something that everyone should own.  When the weather has taken a turn for the worse, a winter hat can act as a form of insulation, preventing the body from losing any more heat than is necessary.  Men’s winter hats are essential, as men often have short – if any – hair, and will feel the cold much more quickly without one.

While most people will consider men’s winter hats to be limited to the knitted variety, there are actually far more options on the market so they can be as stylish as they choose.  A tweed flat cap is perfect for days spent out in the country.  This hat is made of 50% wool and has a reasonably good thermal rating.  These also come in a pure wool variety of flat cap.

For those days that are even colder, a knitted hat might be the best option.  These are no longer just wool, but are available with thermal linings for added warmth and comfort.  With extra sections to cover the ears, these are perfect for those who spend a lot of time in outdoor pursuits, such as walking and skiing.

Knitted hats might remind some people of the time that granny used to make them a new hat each winter. With that in mind, there is a polar fleece version available that is also perfect for the sporty type.  Styles of men’s winter hats begin from just a few pounds. No matter what your taste in winter hats, you will find something to suit you.

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