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Buying Guide to Children’s Winter Hats

Getting children to wrap up warm in winter can be a hard task.  Choosing the right children’s winter hats can help to solve this problem.  As with hats for adults, hats for children come in a range of styles and colours so finding something to suit your child’s taste can be easier than you think.

Standard knitted hats are an old favourite.  They have a good thermal rating and are easy to care for, as they are machine washable.  They can be easily matched to scarves and gloves so that the child can feel as though they are stylish.

Many children might want something a little different and the knitted Peruvian hats have been popular for some years now.  These often have long plaited tassels down the sides and have flaps that cover the ears for extra warmth.  They come in a range of designs and are perfect for those children who want to stand out a little.

Woollen children’s winter hats are not always the best option if it is both cold and damp.  A water resistant trapper hat is a good option in this instance.  These also have ear flaps and can be worn when taking part in a variety of outdoor activities.

Beanie hats come in a variety of designs and styles, with camouflage designs for boys and brighter colours for girls available.  These are ideal for everyday wear, making the walk to school a little more comfortable.

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