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Buying Guide to Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear used to be very simple – the style was mainly the classic Y-front and there was not a great deal of choice in colour.  However, things are very different now.  While the classic Y-front is still available, there is much more choice. As many styles begin from just a few pounds, adding a variety of styles to your wardrobe will not break the bank.

Boxer shorts are very popular as they are loose fitting and offer more freedom of movement than traditional styles.  These have an elasticised waistband and are a mix of polyester and cotton, making them machine washable and easy to care for.  Alternatively, boxer briefs have become very popular in the men’s underwear range.  These have a more fitted style but are often 100% cotton, making them very cool to wear. They offer the same freedom of movement and are also machine washable.

While many men will stick to neutral colours such as black, white and grey, men’s underwear now comes in a variety of colours and designs, with bright reds, blues, and greens also available.  Those who want to add a bit of colour can now do so easily.  For something a little different, you can also opt for a different fabric.  Satin boxer shorts are popular, though perhaps not for everyday wear.

It should also be remembered that there is more to men’s underwear than boxers and briefs.  For those cooler days, many men choose to wear a vest, and there is a wide range of thermal men’s underwear for those days that are colder still.

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