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Buying Guide to Men’s Nightwear

Buying men’s nightwear used to be an easy task as there was really only one style of pyjamas.  Now there is a range of nightwear suitable for men and these come in a variety of fabrics and designs.

The basic pyjama set is still available, with the long trousers and the long sleeved top that buttons down the front.  These can be purchased as patterned, with both items featuring a pattern, or with the top only having the pattern and the trousers being a block colour.  Many designs are a polyester and cotton mix, which makes them easy to care for as they keep their shape and are machine washable.

Another popular design at the moment is the short-sleeved T-shirt style top, which can be purchased with both long trousers and shorts.  These are mainly cotton, although some designs also mix this with viscose.  As these simply pull on over the head and there is no need to fiddle with buttons, they are ideal for those who avoid traditional style pyjamas.

Children are not alone in their love of character pyjamas. There is a whole range of men’s nightwear featuring characters from popular culture.  These T-shirt and shorts sets feature characters such as Spiderman and are popular with younger men.  These are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

The bathrobe is an essential item for many men.  It is perfect for wearing on colder mornings or putting on after you have just had a bath or shower.  These are also 100% soft cotton and are machine washable.

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