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Buying Guide to Ladies Flip Flops

The range of styles in ladies flip flops is fairly wide.  While the basic design of the flip flop is the same, they do come in a variety of colours and patterns.  As they are relatively inexpensive, it is also possible to have more than one pair, so that they can be alternated and matched to different outfits.

The basic function of ladies flip flops is to protect the feet while on the beach, by the pool or wandering around the shops.  They are ideal for those who want to go for a paddle but are wary of stepping on anything that might cause damage, as many styles are waterproof and can be worn without fear of water or sand ruining them.

The variety of ladies flip flops offers both bright and pastel colours for those who want to add a splash of colour to a plain outfit. The range of sizes for most styles covers foot sizes three through eight, so there is something available for the majority of women.

In addition to flip flops, gladiator style sandals are available.  These are perfect for those days when you want to do a little more walking or if you are not comfortable with the design of the flip flop.  These come in both studded and plain styles so you can dress the outfit up or down as you need to.  These zip up at the back, so there is no fiddling with straps.


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