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Buying Guide to Children’s Flip Flops

When it comes to summer footwear for children, the choice is relatively easy.  Flip flops and sandals are the best options as they can protect the feet and keep them cool at the same time.  The range of children’s flip flops and sandals has widened in recent years. They are now available at very low prices, so stocking up for the summer holiday has never been easier.

The standard flip flop is perhaps one of the most popular options.  These come in a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes and are ideal for days on the beach.  Even the cleanest sand can have all manner of hazards such as rubbish, broken glass, and insects lurking beneath the surface. Flip flops can help to protect the feet without causing the child to feel as though they are weighed down with clunky footwear.  Flip flops are waterproof and can be worn to protect the foot further while paddling in the sea.

Children’s flip flops are not the only summer footwear option.  There are many different designs of sandals for girls in particular.  The gladiator-style sandals have become very popular in recent years.  These can be worn with different outfits and have a strap around the ankle as well as a zip at the back.  They come in a variety of available colours, although girls will particularly love the shades of pink, purple, and silver.  Other girl’s sandals come with a pretty bow design that they will love to pair with their summer dresses.


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