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September, 2011

How to Choose Ladies Winter Hats

Ladies winter hats are more than just an item that helps to keep us warm on cold days.  They are a fashion accessory, and as such they can be matched to a variety of outfits.  Our winter hats come in a wide range of designs and colours, and there are different hats for different activities.

For outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, or attending sports matches, there are practical options such as the Trapper hats.  Some designs have a faux fur lining and have flaps to cover the ears, protecting them from winter winds.  These are a very casual option, though, which may not suit all women.

Other ladies winter hats that are ideal for everyday wear include the knitted beanie hat.  These are a very simple design, but are conveniently available in a variety of colours and styles.  For added warmth, a double layer beanie hat is an excellent choice. These are ideal for wearing while out walking.

For something a bit more stylish, try the beret.  These are 90% wool and have a good thermal rating, making them ideal to wear when out shopping or meeting friends.  As with the other hats, a variety of colours is available. This hat matches easily with different outfits.  For a quirkier style, the Peruvian hat is available in many different styles.  These have ear flaps to keep that part of the head warm and some come with tassels, for an added touch of humour .

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Choosing Winter Hats for Men

Choosing Winter Hats for Men

Men’s winter hats have a dual purpose.  They are ideal for simply keeping warm and for decorative use to add a touch of style to an outfit.  However, some men do not want to choose fashion over function, so luckily there is a way of achieving both aims.

The tweed flat cap is 50% wool ensuring that it has a good thermal rating.  These are ideal for those crisp days out in the country and quickly add a touch of style to any outfit.  They are best suited for wearing on days when the weather is cool rather than very cold.

For those days that are very cold, the knitted beanie hat is a popular choice.  These are usually lined and are made with a thermal acrylic material.  As these are available from just a few pounds each, they can be bought in several colour options and co-ordinated with different outfits.  They are a ‘one size fits all’ product, which also makes them the ideal stocking filler at Christmas, as there is no need to find out everyone’s sizes in advance.  The knitted hats also come in a unisex option with an excellent thermal rating. These work well as a shared hat in a family closet.

Another option for men’s winter hats, and ideal for those who walk or cycle to work, is the balaclava.  This style ensures that the ears and top of the head stay warm. This cosy hat is perfect for those days when the wind is biting cold.

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Winter Gloves for Kids

Keeping a child warm when going outside in winter is made easier with gloves. Children’s gloves come in all colours and styles so even the fussiest child is sure to find something they like from the collection. Winter gloves for kids come in several different designs, including padded thermal gloves suitable for extremely cold days or even skiing trips. The grip on the palms of the gloves makes holding things while wearing them easier, although they are not too bulky as to make movement difficult.

There are styles to suit both boys and girls, and even newborn baby mittens. The camouflage print thermal gloves might be the perfect addition for the young Action Man, because the fleecy fabric means they are lightweight and not bulky while still very warm. Little girls, however, will probably prefer the same style in pink or purple. The newborn baby mittens are made of a very soft fabric that can be worn by the baby all day. Not only will they help to keep the baby warm, they will also prevent the baby from accidently scratching himself. The elasticated wristbands prevent the baby from removing them.

Choosing winter gloves for kids can be made easier by buying Magic gloves. Magic gloves are ideal for the child who is growing rapidly. Magic gloves appear to be very small but will fit almost any child-sized hand. There is no need to worry that the child will grow out of them too soon either as they stretch to fit.

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How to Choose Ladies Winter Gloves

Ladies winter gloves are the ideal way to finish off an outfit when the weather turns colder.  They do not have to be viewed as purely functional items and can be matched to hats and scarves as well as coats in order to add a stylish touch to the overall image.

The primary and most practical option is the woollen winter glove.  These come in a range of colours and designs. Fortunately, these are available at a very low price, so it is possible to have several pairs that can be matched to different outfits.  This type of glove has a good thermal rating and is ideal for wearing when you are out doing everyday tasks such as shopping or walking the dog.

However, these types of ladies winter gloves are not always practical for carrying out other tasks such as fishing change out of a purse or driving.  For these and other tasks, it might be worth opting for a fingerless glove, which does the job of keeping the hand warm while allowing more freedom of movement.  For those who want a pair that will do both, the capped fingerless glove has a cover that can be folded over the fingers and then simply removed when more grip is required.

Driving gloves are the ideal choice for those on the move as they are specifically designed to allow the driver to grip the steering wheel and keep the hand warm at the same time.

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How to Choose Men’s Winter Gloves

An essential wardrobe item in winter is a pair of winter gloves.  The available range of men’s winter gloves now offers a great deal more choice than ever before. There are gloves that will suit a variety of situations.

Tasks inevitably need to be completed outside of the house in the cold weather. Gloves should be worn but they can get in the way, making it more difficult to finish the job.  The solution to this is the thermal fingerless glove.  The hand is kept sufficiently warm for the task to be carried out comfortably with greater freedom of movement.

However, sometimes the fingerless gloves will not suffice.  Those who enjoy walking in the fresh air might prefer the padded thermal gloves, which have a palm grip.  This allows certain tasks to be carried out as the grip makes it easier to hold on to things but does not expose the skin to the air.  For example, these gloves are ideal for those who want to stay warm while simply walking the dog.

Sometimes, a smarter pair of men’s winter gloves is needed.  The men’s leather gloves come in a gift box, making them the ideal present for Christmas or a birthday.  These are black and come in two sizes options – medium to large or large to extra large.  These attractive gloves are hard wearing and designed to last for a number of years. They are a gift that will be truly appreciated.

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Buying Guide to Children’s Socks

Fortunately, it is relatively easy for parents to get children to wear socks.  As socks now come in a variety of colours and designs, children are happy to wear them if they are brightly coloured or feature one of their favourite cartoon characters.  Socks are essential for children in winter.  Most children like to be active even in the coldest of weather conditions. It is important to know that they have warm dry feet and that they are protected from the chill.

However, children need to have socks that are practical too.  Plain colours are the best for school socks and are usually knee high, although ankle socks are also available for girls.  These are a good option as they are machine washable, durable, and will fit in with a school’s uniform policy.

Children’s socks are an option for sports as well.  Football socks are ideal for boys.  These are plain coloured, knee-high length, and machine washable.  Trainer socks are available for girls in a variety of colours and designs.  These simply cover the foot for warmth and comfort but do not show above the top of the trainer, allowing the fashion conscious child to fit in with the latest trends.

Baby socks are growing in popularity, as many parents prefer to use socks instead of booties.  These come in a range of colours and designs and are ideal for keeping the baby’s feet warm. These can also be matched to the outfit being worn.

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Buying Guide to Ladies Socks

For women, socks are a very functional item of clothing.  Many women purchase socks simply to wear with trainers or boots for comfort and extra warmth.  There are several options in this category.  Boot socks are always a good idea.  They are thicker than standard socks and withstand somewhat more wear and tear than others can, so they will last that bit longer.  They are also perfect for those colder days in winter when a basic cotton sock will not do the job.

Another sock that is ideal for winter is the thermal sock.  These come in a variety of colours and designs and are perfect on those very cold days.  Socks are the ideal small gift at Christmas. With a range of Christmas designs available for gift giving, the festive spirit can be retained all year round.

Shoppers should keep in mind that ladies socks are not limited to the variety that can be worn outdoors.  Thermal bed socks are often a welcome addition in the colder months as not everyone can keep the heating on around the clock and staying warm at night can help with getting some quality sleep.

Trainer socks are another popular option with women.  Many women wear trainers for walking or jogging and do not necessarily want a sock that stops partway up the leg or an ankle sock.  The trainer sock simply covers the foot so that it cannot be seen above the trainer, thus preventing tan lines while still providing comfort and warmth.

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Choosing the Right Men’s Socks

It can be difficult sometimes to persuade a man to try something a little different with socks.  Many see them purely as functional items – something to keep the feet warm and that is generally out of sight of the rest of the world.  This is probably why some men do not mind when socks develop holes!

However, men’s socks can be stylish and chosen to suit the outfit worn or the mood of the wearer.  A basic ribbed cotton sock is ideal for wearing on most days. Because these socks come in a variety of colours, they can be selected to match the outfit of the wearer.  This is a good idea for work wear as socks that stand out too much can be distracting for others.  They also come in a variety of lengths.  Some are short because many men opt for a short sock for daily wear. Others prefer a knee length sock. With this variety of preference in mind, both lengths are available.

Sports socks are another essential for most men.  They can be worn with trainers and are a mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane.  These are hard wearing and machine washable. They are an excellent value for the money as they come in multi-packs for a fairly low price.

However, some men prefer to wear something a little brighter. The neon coloured men’s socks are perfect for this.  They can be worn with an outlandish fancy dress item or used simply to brighten up a dull day.

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Buying Guide to Girls’ Thermal Underwear

For girls, thermal underwear can be as pretty as any other type of underwear on the market. Girls who love the colour pink should be happy to wear thermal underwear, as most varieties are available in this colour.  Most children like to spend a lot of time outdoors. During the winter, outside play can be difficult with the onset of cold, wet weather.  We like to be sure that our children are wrapped up against the cold but it is often hard to get them to do that, as they like to put fashion before comfort.

With the girl’s thermal underwear range, comfort is of the utmost importance.  The styles are seamless so that the child will not feel any itching or have any noticeable lines under their clothes.  They are also fairly fitted, so there will be no obvious signs of a bulky undergarment. The popular pale pink shade that many of the items are available in is ideal for those who want to match this to existing tops.

Pink is not the only available colour for this underwear. Other natural and pale shades will be invisible under other colours of clothing.  Tops are available as vest tops, short-sleeved T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts, which means that there is something that can be worn under any type of top.  The long jane trousers are perfect for wearing comfortably under jeans. These allow freedom of movement for the more active child.

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Buying Guide to Boy’s Thermal Underwear

The challenge with boy’s thermal underwear is persuading them to wear it. All boys want to look tough in front of their friends and the thought of wearing thermal underwear might be a little off-putting to them. However, when your children are out playing in the cold and the snow, it is important that they are protected against the cold temperatures and biting winds that we experience each year.

The good news is that boy’s thermal underwear is no longer old fashioned and can be very stylish and comfortable. Most designs are created from a mix of viscose and polyester, which also helps to make them durable. The long johns are usually seam free. This factor is essential for that little bit of extra comfort. The fabric allows freedom of movement, which is important for boys who are active and like to run around.

The tops resemble short or long sleeved t-shirts. Even if someone were to catch a glimpse of the underwear top, it would not be obvious that it was a thermal garment. Alternatively, the thermal vest-type top is an option. When the boys realise that they can stay warm and not feel as though they are bundled up, they will be happy to wear the thermal underwear.

Colours available are typically muted, so that they can be worn under different coloured clothes without showing through. Many styles are close-fit as well, so that the shape of the body will not appear bulky with the additional layer of warmth

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