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How to buy Jogging Bottoms and Pants

Jogging bottoms and pants are excellent casual wear. They can be worn for active pursuits such as jogging or at the gym. They are comfortable to wear when driving or flying, and are perfect for relaxing days at home.  They can be teamed with T-shirts or sweatshirts as preferred.

The lightweight linen varieties are ideal for holidays to warmer climates. They can be bought in several colours and there is a range for both men and women. The men’s linen trousers are available in three colours, including navy, brown, and cream. The ladies have a little more choice with their styles as they can buy both full-length leg and ¾-length leg. There is a range of linen shorts available for women as well. The ladies linen bottoms are available in black, beige, white, or grey, and are both stylish and comfortable.

There is a wide choice of jogging bottoms and pants in the classic jersey material too. As this material is warmer, it is ideal for wearing on cooler days, or milder evenings. These are available for men and come in several colours, including light grey, grey, navy, and black. There are two variations of cuff to choose from, as these pants are designed with a weather open cuff or a closed cuff. They each have a drawstring waist for fastening meaning they can also be flexible on waist size. The closed cuff is elasticised around the ankles. This style is ideal for those who cycle as it negates the need for bicycle clips.

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