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Keep Dry With a New Umbrella

Keeping an umbrella nearby is always a good idea. They do not have to be costly and there is a range of stylish umbrellas to suit all needs. They can be small enough to fit in a ladies handbag, or large enough to assist with walking. There is a range of available styles for men, women, and children.

The men’s range consists of several golfing umbrellas that are larger than the average umbrella and therefore can provide coverage for a bigger area. There are also several walking umbrellas which are non-retractable. These are ideal for use as a walking stick when not in use and some have wooden handles to complete the look. There is also a selection of smaller umbrellas for men. These “mini” umbrellas are compact and can fit easily into a coat pocket or briefcase. The men’s range is usually plain with block colours in black or navy.

The ladies range of umbrellas comes in a variety of designs. There is the transparent dome style of umbrella that makes it easier to walk. This is convenient as the dome comes lower over the face but its transparency means there is no visual impairment. There are also “mini” umbrellas that are retractable to fit into a handbag or coat pocket. A range of walking umbrella is available, and these serve as a handy mobility aid when not in use. The ladies umbrellas come in a choice of fashionable designs, patterns, and colours.

Children’s umbrellas are fun and bright, and they have a smaller dimension when open making them more manageable for kids. They come in a range of patterns and colours and are suitable for both boys and girls.



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