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Choosing the Right Men’s Socks

It can be difficult sometimes to persuade a man to try something a little different with socks.  Many see them purely as functional items – something to keep the feet warm and that is generally out of sight of the rest of the world.  This is probably why some men do not mind when socks develop holes!

However, men’s socks can be stylish and chosen to suit the outfit worn or the mood of the wearer.  A basic ribbed cotton sock is ideal for wearing on most days. Because these socks come in a variety of colours, they can be selected to match the outfit of the wearer.  This is a good idea for work wear as socks that stand out too much can be distracting for others.  They also come in a variety of lengths.  Some are short because many men opt for a short sock for daily wear. Others prefer a knee length sock. With this variety of preference in mind, both lengths are available.

Sports socks are another essential for most men.  They can be worn with trainers and are a mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane.  These are hard wearing and machine washable. They are an excellent value for the money as they come in multi-packs for a fairly low price.

However, some men prefer to wear something a little brighter. The neon coloured men’s socks are perfect for this.  They can be worn with an outlandish fancy dress item or used simply to brighten up a dull day.

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