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Choosing Winter Hats for Men

Choosing Winter Hats for Men

Men’s winter hats have a dual purpose.  They are ideal for simply keeping warm and for decorative use to add a touch of style to an outfit.  However, some men do not want to choose fashion over function, so luckily there is a way of achieving both aims.

The tweed flat cap is 50% wool ensuring that it has a good thermal rating.  These are ideal for those crisp days out in the country and quickly add a touch of style to any outfit.  They are best suited for wearing on days when the weather is cool rather than very cold.

For those days that are very cold, the knitted beanie hat is a popular choice.  These are usually lined and are made with a thermal acrylic material.  As these are available from just a few pounds each, they can be bought in several colour options and co-ordinated with different outfits.  They are a ‘one size fits all’ product, which also makes them the ideal stocking filler at Christmas, as there is no need to find out everyone’s sizes in advance.  The knitted hats also come in a unisex option with an excellent thermal rating. These work well as a shared hat in a family closet.

Another option for men’s winter hats, and ideal for those who walk or cycle to work, is the balaclava.  This style ensures that the ears and top of the head stay warm. This cosy hat is perfect for those days when the wind is biting cold.

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