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How to Choose Ladies Winter Hats

Ladies winter hats are more than just an item that helps to keep us warm on cold days.  They are a fashion accessory, and as such they can be matched to a variety of outfits.  Our winter hats come in a wide range of designs and colours, and there are different hats for different activities.

For outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, or attending sports matches, there are practical options such as the Trapper hats.  Some designs have a faux fur lining and have flaps to cover the ears, protecting them from winter winds.  These are a very casual option, though, which may not suit all women.

Other ladies winter hats that are ideal for everyday wear include the knitted beanie hat.  These are a very simple design, but are conveniently available in a variety of colours and styles.  For added warmth, a double layer beanie hat is an excellent choice. These are ideal for wearing while out walking.

For something a bit more stylish, try the beret.  These are 90% wool and have a good thermal rating, making them ideal to wear when out shopping or meeting friends.  As with the other hats, a variety of colours is available. This hat matches easily with different outfits.  For a quirkier style, the Peruvian hat is available in many different styles.  These have ear flaps to keep that part of the head warm and some come with tassels, for an added touch of humour .

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