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Choosing Children’s Winter Hats

It can be hard to get a child to wear a hat in winter, but it is an important factor in preventing unnecessary chills. Wearing a hat allows a child the freedom to spend more time outdoors even when the weather turns cold.

One of the most popular items in the range of children’s winter hats is the trapper hat. This is water resistant, has an excellent thermal rating and a faux fur trim.  The hat also has flaps to protect the ears from the cold and is ideal for snowy days when kids are sledging or snowballing.

For those days when they are simply spending time outside, walking to school or to the shops, a simple knitted hat is ideal. These can be a basic knitted hat for days when it is not extremely cold, or a thermal option for those days when the temperatures have dropped a great deal.  These come in a range of colours and styles, so finding one to suit your child’s preference should be easy.  Alternatively, the polar fleece hat can be an option and these match easily to gloves and scarves.

Part of the range of children’s winter hats for the last few years, the Peruvian style hat with tassels is ideal for children who like to make a statement. These are available in bright colours and can be matched to a variety of outfits. Because children often feel that the brighter the colour of something, the better it is, a colourful hat can be an easy way to encourage them to wear a hat.

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