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Choosing Kids’ Underwear

One of the positive aspects of buying kid’s underwear is that they generally come in multipacks.  This means that as the child grows and underwear needs replacing, the cost can be manageable, as the items do not have to be purchased individually.  The multipacks are available in sizes of two items up to 10 items, and are sold at a very reasonable price.

Boys’ boxers and briefs and girls’ vests are among the wide variety of items that are ideal for buying in bulk. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, and all items are machine washable and withstand a reasonable amount of wear.

In some instances, kids’ underwear features favourite characters from film and TV and – particularly with younger children – it is often easier to get them to wear these items.  For girls, colour is very important. As most parents know, pink is always a safe bet when selecting underwear for girls. Luckily, boys are often more flexible about the colour and will settle for basics such as black, white or grey.

Design is often less important than it is in adult’s underwear, but the same type of designs are available in the kids’ underwear ranges.  Boys can choose from briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. These all allow for a reasonable amount of freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear, ideal for the active child that likes to take part in sports and games.

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