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Buying Guide to Ladies Nightwear

Ladies nightwear includes a range of clothing that offers a variety of choices. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing nightwear. Many of us have warmer nightwear such as pyjamas for winter months, while in the summer we might opt for modern vest tops and shorts pyjama sets, or an oversized T-shirt.

Comfort is a major factor and a good night’s sleep can be hindered by nightwear that is too tight, too warm, or too cold. Freedom of movement is very important as nobody wakes up in the same position that they fell asleep in. We move around in the night without our realising it and our nightwear needs to allow for this.

The summer months can be particularly uncomfortable at night. We are accustomed to temperatures dropping in the evening but in the middle of a heat wave, they do not drop very far. This can make getting a good night’s sleep quite difficult. With this type of weather in mind, we should choose fabrics such as cotton for our ladies nightwear in order to allow the skin to breathe and help to keep it as cool as possible. Cotton nightdresses are ideal for this particular time of year.

The winter months can have the opposite effect. Sleeping is difficult if you are not warm enough and fleecy cotton pyjamas and nightshirts can help to counteract the colder temperatures, making it easier to get comfortable at night and enjoy restful sleep.


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