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Buying Guide to Men’s Nightwear

As with all other types and ranges of clothing, men’s nightwear comes in a variety of styles.  Warmer fabrics offer insulation in the colder months and lighter styles are available for the summer months when the heat becomes uncomfortable.

A popular style at the moment is the t-shirt and shorts set.  These are ideal for summer and they come in a range of sizes and colours.   They are made from lightweight cotton and are designed to allow freedom of movement.  It is important to consider this when purchasing pyjamas, as most people move about while they are asleep, which means that tops and pyjama bottoms can become twisted and tight during the night.

The winter months require something that provides more warmth and from something other than pyjamas.  The men’s nightwear range also includes bathrobes.  These are 100% cotton and have a brushed velour finish.  They are ideal for wearing over pyjamas or wearing just after a shower or bath.

Classic style pyjamas remain popular.  These have a long sleeved shirt and long trousers with an elasticated waist.  These are available in light cotton or a brushed material that offers extra warmth.

A style that is popular with children is also available for adults. Dads can now opt for fun pyjamas that feature their favourite TV or film character such as Spiderman.  As with other styles, these come in a range of sizes and colours.

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