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Choosing the Best Adult’s Cap

Adult’s caps are the ideal solution for those days when it is not cold enough for a winter hat but chilly enough that a little warmth is needed.  They are also ideal for hot days when the strength of the sun makes wearing a hat necessary to stay protected from sunstroke and related conditions.

Our caps are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre that allows the skin to breathe and makes the cap comfortable to wear.  Cotton is also less likely to cause skin irritation than a synthetic fibre.

Baseball caps come in a variety of designs and colours.  Currently, many caps are designed to commemorate sporting events such as the Olympics, or support a particular team or venue.  Patriotic caps with designs of flags from different countries are also very popular.  Adult’s caps are ideal for wearing when playing sports such as golf, as they help to keep the sun out of the eyes and off the head.

Some women, particularly golf enthusiasts, may not be comfortable wearing the standard baseball cap.  However, protection from the sun is still necessary.  Golfing visors are the solution.  These do not cover the head, leaving styled hair virtually untouched. They sit on the edge of the forehead and keep the sun out of the eyes.  These come in a range of colours, including pastel options, and are made from 100% cotton.


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