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Choosing Ladies Swimwear

It is possible to look stylish on the beach or in the pool with one of any number of the vast range of ladies swimwear on offer. Those who prefer a one-piece suit will find these available in several designs and colours, from block colour to bright patterns. Those who prefer two-piece ladies swim suits will also be able to buy these items as separates. They are easily mixed and matched with other two-piece swimsuits for a different outfit every day.

Speedo, a name that is synonymous with classic ladies swimwear, is a name consumers can trust. There is a range of Speedo ladies swimwear to suit all tastes. Bikini bottoms and swim shorts are available and typically, there is a bikini top to match.

The Speedo ladies swirl pattern swim shorts comes in blue shades with an eye catching pattern. They are made from 80% nylon/polyamide blend and 20% elastane. This comfortable material conforms to body contours during movement through the water. The lining is 100% polyester. The same pattern can also be bought in bikini bottoms and bikini brief styles. There are two matching tops, one of which is padded, and both are made from the same fabrics as the bottoms.

The one-piece costumes are designed for smooth movement through the water without any drag and are constructed with polyester and elastane for comfort and flexibility.  Both of these are synthetic fibres designed for longevity. Polyester in particular allows for quick drying of the fabric.


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