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Buying Guide to Kid’s Swimwear

There is nothing better during childhood than splashing around in the water at the beach or pool, and there are plenty of options when buying kid’s swimwear.  Kids participating in swimming classes may prefer to have one of the plain swimming costumes that are available.  These are standard swimming costumes for the girls and trunks or shorts for the boys. For other occasions such as holidays, more brightly coloured costumes are available. Boys can opt for the looser style of shorts with the elasticated waists, rather than the fitted versions.

Many styles feature favourite cartoon characters.  For girls, the ‘My Little Pony’ style is very popular and for the boys there are several designs featuring characters from the Disney ‘Cars’ films.  Alternatively, flowery patterns are popular for holiday kid’s swimwear.

Serious swimmers might prefer some of the endurance swimwear styles.  These are designed to fit well and give a smooth shape for better speed in the water.  One option is the boy’s ¾-length wetsuit.  This is made from a blend of polyester and Lycra and zips up the back for convenience.  There is also a full-length version of the wetsuit that is designed for girls.

Many of the swimming costumes contain Lycra, a synthetic fibre that is also referred to as elastane.  This fabric adds elasticity to a garment and helps to keep the garment’s shape. It is always blended with other, usually synthetic, fibres.  It is used in a wide range of garments but it is particularly useful for sportswear.


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