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Buying Guide to Umbrellas

We are now heading towards the time of year when umbrellas are an essential accessory.  Luckily, for those who use an umbrella, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every need.  For ladies who are out and about shopping, the handbag-sized umbrella is perfect.  When closed it takes up very little space, and when open it provides enough protection from the rain without being a hazard to other shoppers.

Golfing umbrellas are popular with both men and women who are enthusiasts of the sport as they are large enough to cover a person and a bag of golf clubs.  Being on a golf course usually means exposure to wind, and the golf umbrella is often stronger than other types of umbrella, with additional wind resistance.

Colour may not be of the utmost importance in an umbrella, but there are so many colour options that coordinating umbrellas and clothes is easy and fun.  For children there are brightly coloured and patterned umbrellas with smiley faces or animal prints.  Ladies might prefer the transparent dome umbrellas.  These can be held low for added protection from the elements but without loss of vision.

Many of the umbrellas feature a polyester pongee fabric.  This is designed to be waterproof while simultaneously offering a soft ‘fabric’ feel to it.  This material is also used in sportswear and raincoats.


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