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November, 2011

Choosing Children’s Winter Scarves

One item that children are usually happy to wear in winter is one of the colourful children’s winter scarves available.  As with many winter garments for children, these come in a variety of colours and patterns. The primary sense of style for most children is “the brighter the better.”

Scarves are very practical items as they can keep a chill off the neck and this can help to protect from winter illnesses.  They are also useful for pulling up over the bottom part of the face to protect from cold and rain.

Girls in particular enjoy the variety of scarves that are available as they can coordinate them with their outfit, while boys see them more as a practical item.  The classic Fair Isle design comes in several different colour options.  The lining of the scarf is fleece, which is ideal for adding that little bit of extra thermal insulation.  Fleece has a high thermal rating and it is often added to the blend of wool and acrylic. This cosy scarf should be high on anyone’s shopping list.

Alternatively, there is the scarf that now has a built in hood.  These are ideal for wearing underneath a jacket and help to protect the head and ears from the cold.  The scarf portion also has pockets. It does not have to be wrapped around the head but can be worn down and children can keep their hands warm as well.  Children’s winter scarves have evolved a great deal since the days when they were hand knitted.


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Pure Egyptian Cotton Towels Offer Luxury

It is well known that Egyptian cotton towels represent the height of luxury. The high thread count per square inch (psi) and the fact that it is the strongest cotton in the world makes Egyptian cotton a high quality material. Repeated washing and frequent use make the cotton softer as the material requires time to settle. It becomes more pliable and plush over time. Egyptian cotton is ideal for those with sensitive skin, such as children or the elderly, and of course, anyone who just likes the luxurious feel against their skin.

Egyptian cotton towels also have a longer life span than ordinary towels. Purchasing towels made from Egyptian cotton means many years of use where other towels would become worn and unpleasant to use.  Cotton is a natural fibre that is used for a variety of garments and fabrics and is the perfect choice for those who want a more natural option.

There is a range of Egyptian cotton towels in all sizes, including flannels, hand towels, bath towels, and the largest size, bath sheet. They are available in a variety of block colours so they can be matched to any current bathroom décor for an added touch of elegance.

Many people purchase these towels in sets with embroidery embellishments because they make ideal gifts for family and friends. These are available in white or cream so there is no risk of colour clashing with current decors.


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Character Children’s Winter Hats

Getting children to wear winter hats is not always easy and one of the best ways to ensure that children’s winter hats are actually worn is to find a hat that they will love.  Many parents opt for character hats.  Children have their own favourite characters and will quite happily wear them if they are funny or quirky.  These hats are not expensive and simple knitted hats in the design of a dog, tiger, bear or panda are particularly popular with younger children.  These are often made from acrylic, which is a synthetic fibre commonly used in knitted garments.

Acrylic is lightweight and soft and feels like real wool.  It is used for knitted garments because it is cheaper to produce, is resistant to exposure to the sun, and is unlikely to be damaged by moths or chemicals. It is machine washable, making it the ideal fabric for garments for children, which need to be frequently washed.

Trapper hats can also be purchased from the children’s winter hats range.  Adorned with a quirky character, the top of the hat resembles the head of an animal.  Animals in the range include a crocodile, moose, bear, cat and dog, and many others.  These are made from polyester and are machine washable but they are not waterproof so are not ideal for wearing when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  However, they are warm and cosy and children will love them.


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Staying Warm and Dry in Winter

There is nothing worse than venturing out into less than perfect weather conditions and ending up wet and cold.  It seems to take a long time to get warm again and it can lead to all kinds of health problems, particularly in individuals who are a little frail.  Wrapping up in items such as thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarves and thermal socks can seem like a bit of a bind but the end result is that we stay warm, dry and have a better chance of avoiding winter chills.

Choosing the right fibres and fabrics for winter accessories is essential.  No matter whether the item is ladies winter hats or boys’ socks, each one should be suitable for the job at hand.  Fabrics such as fleece are particularly popular in winter as they have a good thermal rating and are inexpensive to produce so there is minimal cost passed on to the customer.  It can also be easily produced in a variety of colours and patterns.

Fleece can be used for children’s winter hats, thermal gloves, and scarves. It is a synthetic fibre, meaning that it is easily washable, keeps its shape, and has a long life span.  It also has the added bonus of making us feel cosy and warm.  It is not waterproof, however. With this in mind, some manufacturers are making waterproof gloves and hats that are fleece lined, thereby harnessing the benefits of fleece while offering others at the same time.


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The Importance of Men’s Winter Gloves

There are many different types of men’s winter gloves, and knowing which ones are best for any situation is important. It is essential to take into consideration which activities the wearer will be performing and how long the gloves will be worn. Those who are going to be out in the snow, perhaps helping the kids to build a snowman or taking part in a snowball fight, will need waterproof gloves with a good thermal rating. Those who need gloves for smart wear will need something a little dressier. Participation in outdoor sports will require a good thermal rating and the ability to grip properly.

Many padded glove styles have fleece linings, which can provide the wearer with a good standard of protection from the cold. Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is very inexpensive to make, so opting for gloves that incorporate this means that the wearer will not need to spend a lot of money.

When choosing men’s winter gloves for working there are many styles available that are fingerless. This allows the wearer more freedom of movement in the fingers to be able to carry out intricate tasks. These gloves keep the rest of the hand warm, which will also keep the fingers warm for even longer. Some come with a mitten top that simply flips over the fingers when they need to be warmed or when they are not doing work. While these come in a wide variety of materials, wool is often the choice for these garments. Pure wool is a natural fibre that has an excellent thermal rating.


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Winter Warmth for the Entire Family

As the cold weather is rapidly approaching (and is already here for some of us!), the importance of wrapping up well before venturing out should not be ignored.  Every aspect of the average wardrobe could do with an overhaul for the winter months.

The underwear drawer should be well stocked with thermal items.  From thermal T-shirts to thermal long johns or long janes, garments for insulation and warmth are crucial for extremely cold temperatures. There is a range to suit every member of the house, from men’s thermal underwear to children’s undergarments.  Thermal socks certainly should be considered a must.  Wearing boots is not enough to keep out the cold.  Keeping feet warm and dry is essential for helping the body to stay warm while outdoors.

Hats are another essential item.  There are many people who do not bother with a hat in winter but should try it and feel the benefits.  The difference it can make might be surprising.  Simple knitted hats are a good option for everyday wear and there are plenty of options in each range.  The ladies winter hats range in particular has a good selection from which to choose.

Finish off the winter essentials with gloves and scarves.  These are often available with matching hats and can be used in a contrasting colour to brighten up an everyday outfit.  These are available in ranges for men, women, boys, and girls, so there is no reason for anyone in the family to miss out on winter warmth.

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The Advantages of Thermal Garments for Girls

Getting girls to opt for thermal underwear can be a difficult task, until they realise just how it has improved in recent years.  Girl’s thermal underwear is not just for those who are taking part in winter sports or playing outside.  Many people now opt for thermal underwear as a matter of course during the winter months to help to ward off chills.

Cotton and wool are the natural fibres often used to make the natural varieties of girl’s thermal underwear.  These fibres have been used to construct clothing for thousands of years.  Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and are soft and comfortable.  They are also fairly inexpensive to produce.  Cotton and wool are not considered the most suitable fibres for those wearing thermal garments for sports or playing outdoors.

For outdoor activities, the moisture has to be removed, or ‘wicked’ away, from the skin.  Synthetic fibres are considered the best fabrics for this purpose.  These are often blended with natural fibres, which can make the garments a bit costlier.

For girls, thermal T-shirts can be worn underneath ordinary t-shirts or tops.  These are designed to fit close to the skin so others cannot tell that thermal underwear is being worn.  They also come in a wide range of pale shades, so that they can be matched to whatever colour outfit is being worn.  Many designs have been created without side seams so that they remain comfortable to wear and are not at all restrictive.


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The Advantages of Thermal Garments for Boys

The word ‘thermal’ conjures up images of thermal underwear but there are many other thermal garments designed for children.  In addition to boys thermal underwear, there are thermal versions of socks, gloves and hats, all of which can be used together to keep the child toasty warm while they are out in the cold.

Cold weather is something that does not seem to deter children from having fun.  While adults are content to stay indoors, children want to be out playing, and the arrival of snow ensures that they will not be indoors for long.  By ensuring that they are kept warm with thermal garments, they can be out longer and enjoy the wintery conditions.  Thermal garments should provide good cover for key areas of the body, including the back to keep the kidneys warm.  Thermal also no longer means ‘all in ones’, and using separate garments can allow the user to mix and match to suit their needs.

Boy’s thermal underwear works by keeping moisture away from the body so that it does not cool on the skin and leave the wearer feeling cold.  The fibres that are used are often a blend of natural and synthetic fibres so that the benefits of both can be harnessed.  The modern design of many thermal items means that they do not feel bulky to wear and are a close fit, so they are comfortable and offer freedom of movement.


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Different Types of Ladies Thermal Underwear

There are different types of ladies thermal underwear available on the market today. The underwear comes in a variety of different fabrics and it is helpful to understand the benefits of each type.

There are types of ladies thermal underwear made from pure cotton. This is a natural fibre that can give additional warmth. Cotton does not remove moisture away from the skin, so it is not ideal for wearing for long periods outdoors. . If the moisture cannot be ‘wicked’ away from the skin, it cools on the skin and negates the benefits of wearing thermal underwear.

Woollen thermal underwear is fairly expensive and does have the ability to remove moisture away from the skin. However, as a natural fibre wool can take longer to dry than some of the natural and synthetic fibre blends that are used in other types of thermal underwear.

Blends are the most common option for ladies thermal underwear material. These include both natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, wool, spandex, and polyester. Blending the fibres means that the wearer has the right level of warmth necessary as well as the right level of moisture control.

The blending of fabrics also allows a lighter weight of fabric to be used to achieve good results. Those who are spending long periods of time outdoors and who are keeping very active may be fine with one of the lighter fabrics.  A mid-weight fabric is most likely the best option in ladies thermal underwear for most users.


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The Benefits of Men’s Thermal Underwear

While many people are happy to wear thermal underwear, few understand how it works or how it achieves the benefits that it offers. The fabric is designed to wick away moisture. People still sweat in cold weather, but the fabric of the underwear can remove the moisture on the skin, which prevents it from cooling there. This means that the skin is kept dry and warm and chills are kept at bay for as long as possible.

The fabric of men’s thermal underwear is designed to move with the body. Freedom of movement is very important and this fabric moulds itself to the body without unwanted sagging or changing shape with movement. There is also no bulkiness with men’s thermal underwear. It is designed to be worn under clothing so it is not unnecessarily thick. Men’s thermal underwear can be worn comfortably under T-shirts and jeans and will not make the wearer look as though they have put on weight.

Protection against the cold is essential in winter, particularly for those who are spending a lot of time outdoors. It is no fun to spend part of the winter months with colds that result from not wrapping up warmly, and choosing thermal underwear can be one solution to preventing this. The fabric is usually a blend of natural and synthetic fibres so that the benefits of both materials can be combined in one garment.


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