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Choosing Bath Mats and Rugs for the Home

Bath mats and rugs might not be everyone’s favourite décor item, but they can be very useful items and are ideal for finishing off the look of a bathroom. The colours of these practical accessories can be chosen to highlight colours in the décor. Nobody likes stepping out of the bath onto a cold tiled floor, and a mat can look very warm and welcoming.


Traditionally, these items have been sold in a three-piece set, to include the bath mat, the pedestal mat for around the toilet and a toilet seat cover. In recent years, many people have chosen to forgo the toilet seat cover so many sets are now sold with just the two items, although the three-piece sets are still available. It is also possible to purchase each item separately.


Bath mats and rugs come in a wide range of colour choices. Many people are being more adventurous with the décor in their bathrooms and are opting for colours other than white or blue. Striped designs are now popular and the mats can be used in a contrasting colour to create a particular bathroom feature.


Most sets are made from polyamide fibres, which give the mat a very soft feel, but are hardwearing and easy to care for. This synthetic fibre should give lots of wear and is machine washable. In addition, the underside of the mat is latex, to provide a non-slip support, ideal for tiled floors.

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