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Ladies Winter Gloves – Choosing the Right Ones

Every woman should have at least one pair of good winter gloves in her wardrobe.  Struggling with the cold weather conditions in winter is a challenge. It becomes so much harder when hands are too cold to grip anything or carry out simple chores.

Opting for fingerless gloves can be one answer to this problem.  The hands and fingers are free to carry out chores but the back and palm of the hand are kept warm by the gloves, making it easier to function for longer in the cold.  Fingerless ladies winter gloves come in a standard version for chilly days or a thermal version for those days when temperatures have dropped very low.  These gloves are often the knitted variety, so the fibres used are a combination of acrylics and wools.  Pure wool is often favoured for knitted items as it has good thermal qualities, but the addition of acrylic fibres helps the wool to keep its shape and gives the garment a longer life.

Ladies winter gloves cover a much wider range.  One issue for many women is the ability to match gloves to other items in a wardrobe.  One solution is to choose gloves that match hats and scarves – these are often available in sets – and co-ordinate in this way.  Contrasting colours can be used to make a bold fashion statement. Using vibrant colours can cheer up grey and dull winter days, which can often leave us feeling low due to a lack of sunshine.


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