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Children’s Winter Gloves – Choosing the Right Pair

Convincing children to wear gloves in winter is a challenging task, but keeping their hands warm is essential, particularly for very young children.  For young children, the solution is mittens. Mittens are easy to put on, but they limit the hand’s movement and it can be hard for the child to grip drinks and other items.

One option for children’s winter gloves is the thermal fleece glove.  Fleece is a very soft fabric created from synthetic fibres.  It is used for cold weather garments and is designed to recreate the effects of wool.  The fabric can be produced at very little cost to manufacturers resulting in a lower cost to consumers for the garment. This is ideal for children’s gloves, because if there is one item each year that a child is bound to lose, it is at least one of their gloves. Now replacing them will be inexpensive.  The fleece glove is also available with a palm grip.

Children’s winter gloves are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Padded thermal ski gloves are perfect for children who like to be out playing in the cold and snow. The gloves are water resistant, so they are ideal for snowball fights.  These have a high thermal rating for wearing on even the coldest days. The gloves are fashionable enough for both boys and girls to be happy to be seen wearing them.

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