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Children’s Winter Hats – Choosing the Right Ones

Encouraging a child to keep a hat on during the winter months is not easy, particularly for young children who may not like the feel of the hat. The good news is that currently there are plenty of fun and comfortable children’s winter hats from which to choose.

Trapper style hats are the best option for some children. The side flaps provide delicate ears with protection from the cold and the wind. These are often lined with faux fur, making them comfortable to wear and very warm. To add an element of fun there are designs that are shaped like animal heads, perfect for younger children who might consider it a toy instead of a hat. These are made from polyester, which is a synthetic fibre that dries quickly and retains its shape well. Other trapper style hats are waterproof, which are perfect for those children who like to take part in snowball fights, or who do not mind being out in all weathers.

Some children’s winter hat styles come with matching scarves, which is another way to encourage children to wear them. Girls in particular are fond of matching styles, as they feel very fashionable. As these sets are available at a reasonable price, it is possible to have them in more than one colour for perfect coordination with different outfits. Matching hats and scarves are also available for boys, including the popular the army style camouflage design.


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