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Different Types of Ladies Thermal Underwear

There are different types of ladies thermal underwear available on the market today. The underwear comes in a variety of different fabrics and it is helpful to understand the benefits of each type.

There are types of ladies thermal underwear made from pure cotton. This is a natural fibre that can give additional warmth. Cotton does not remove moisture away from the skin, so it is not ideal for wearing for long periods outdoors. . If the moisture cannot be ‘wicked’ away from the skin, it cools on the skin and negates the benefits of wearing thermal underwear.

Woollen thermal underwear is fairly expensive and does have the ability to remove moisture away from the skin. However, as a natural fibre wool can take longer to dry than some of the natural and synthetic fibre blends that are used in other types of thermal underwear.

Blends are the most common option for ladies thermal underwear material. These include both natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, wool, spandex, and polyester. Blending the fibres means that the wearer has the right level of warmth necessary as well as the right level of moisture control.

The blending of fabrics also allows a lighter weight of fabric to be used to achieve good results. Those who are spending long periods of time outdoors and who are keeping very active may be fine with one of the lighter fabrics.  A mid-weight fabric is most likely the best option in ladies thermal underwear for most users.


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