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The Advantages of Thermal Garments for Girls

Getting girls to opt for thermal underwear can be a difficult task, until they realise just how it has improved in recent years.  Girl’s thermal underwear is not just for those who are taking part in winter sports or playing outside.  Many people now opt for thermal underwear as a matter of course during the winter months to help to ward off chills.

Cotton and wool are the natural fibres often used to make the natural varieties of girl’s thermal underwear.  These fibres have been used to construct clothing for thousands of years.  Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and are soft and comfortable.  They are also fairly inexpensive to produce.  Cotton and wool are not considered the most suitable fibres for those wearing thermal garments for sports or playing outdoors.

For outdoor activities, the moisture has to be removed, or ‘wicked’ away, from the skin.  Synthetic fibres are considered the best fabrics for this purpose.  These are often blended with natural fibres, which can make the garments a bit costlier.

For girls, thermal T-shirts can be worn underneath ordinary t-shirts or tops.  These are designed to fit close to the skin so others cannot tell that thermal underwear is being worn.  They also come in a wide range of pale shades, so that they can be matched to whatever colour outfit is being worn.  Many designs have been created without side seams so that they remain comfortable to wear and are not at all restrictive.


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