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Staying Warm and Dry in Winter

There is nothing worse than venturing out into less than perfect weather conditions and ending up wet and cold.  It seems to take a long time to get warm again and it can lead to all kinds of health problems, particularly in individuals who are a little frail.  Wrapping up in items such as thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarves and thermal socks can seem like a bit of a bind but the end result is that we stay warm, dry and have a better chance of avoiding winter chills.

Choosing the right fibres and fabrics for winter accessories is essential.  No matter whether the item is ladies winter hats or boys’ socks, each one should be suitable for the job at hand.  Fabrics such as fleece are particularly popular in winter as they have a good thermal rating and are inexpensive to produce so there is minimal cost passed on to the customer.  It can also be easily produced in a variety of colours and patterns.

Fleece can be used for children’s winter hats, thermal gloves, and scarves. It is a synthetic fibre, meaning that it is easily washable, keeps its shape, and has a long life span.  It also has the added bonus of making us feel cosy and warm.  It is not waterproof, however. With this in mind, some manufacturers are making waterproof gloves and hats that are fleece lined, thereby harnessing the benefits of fleece while offering others at the same time.


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