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Choosing Children’s Winter Scarves

One item that children are usually happy to wear in winter is one of the colourful children’s winter scarves available.  As with many winter garments for children, these come in a variety of colours and patterns. The primary sense of style for most children is “the brighter the better.”

Scarves are very practical items as they can keep a chill off the neck and this can help to protect from winter illnesses.  They are also useful for pulling up over the bottom part of the face to protect from cold and rain.

Girls in particular enjoy the variety of scarves that are available as they can coordinate them with their outfit, while boys see them more as a practical item.  The classic Fair Isle design comes in several different colour options.  The lining of the scarf is fleece, which is ideal for adding that little bit of extra thermal insulation.  Fleece has a high thermal rating and it is often added to the blend of wool and acrylic. This cosy scarf should be high on anyone’s shopping list.

Alternatively, there is the scarf that now has a built in hood.  These are ideal for wearing underneath a jacket and help to protect the head and ears from the cold.  The scarf portion also has pockets. It does not have to be wrapped around the head but can be worn down and children can keep their hands warm as well.  Children’s winter scarves have evolved a great deal since the days when they were hand knitted.


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