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December, 2011

Women’s Thermal Underwear

When many people consider thermal underwear, they may think it is for men only but there is a wide range of women’s thermal underwear available.  Long johns (as they are for men) have cleverly become long janes.  The range of women’s underwear is available in a number of pale and pastel shades to give them a more feminine twist.

Long janes are ‘legging’ type pants, which can be easily worn under trousers.  They are free of side seams so there is no risk of chafing and they fit close to the skin so they are not bulky under other clothes.  They are often a blend of synthetic fibres such as viscose and polyester.  These two fibres have good thermal qualities and work well, keeping moisture away so that it does not dry cold on the skin.  Women’s thermal underwear is available in a range of sizes so they are suitable for most people and they are machine washable.

Women’s thermal underwear can be teamed with a variety of vest type or t-shirt type tops.  They are ideal for wearing under sweaters to ensure a cosy feel on the colder winter days.  They also come in a variety of shades and should be considered an essential for winter.

Women’s thermal underwear is available at a very reasonable cost so being sure of a cosy feel in winter will not break the bank and items are available either in sets or singly, so mixing and matching is a possibility.


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Dressing for the Winter Sales

This is the time of year when everybody is thinking of hitting the sales to stock up on bargains.  However, the weather can be very off-putting.  Icy winds and rain can mean that we might rather sit in front of the fire and watch TV than hunt down the cut-price items that we are desperate to get our hands on.

By dressing for the weather, we can stay warm and cosy and go out and spend our hard earned cash.  Keeping feet warm and dry is essential and thermal socks can be a good way to achieve this.  There is a range of men’s thermal socks as well as those for women and children which work by keeping any moisture away from the skin, so that it does not dry cold on the skin.

Thermal underwear is available for every age range and this is a good way to defend the body from the cold.  This works in the same way as thermal socks but there have been advances in the design of these items, so they are no longer bulky.  Women’s thermal underwear and those ranges for men and children are lightweight and are often made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres to give them a longer life.

With a good foundation like this, a good winter outfit can then be finished off with hats, scarves and gloves.  To keep the look stylish these can be purchased in a matching set at a very reasonable cost.

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Benefits of Packaway Winter Coats

This is a strange way to refer to winter coats, as they are all portable while they are being worn.  However, we do not always need a raincoat and this is where the packaway version of the rain mac comes in handy.  These fold down so that they take up almost no space in a handbag or they can be stowed away in a car for an emergency.  They are ideal for winter walks, camping trips and many different outdoor pursuits.

There are times when we cannot be sure if we are going to need emergency rain gear and getting caught out in the rain is one of the fastest ways to attract a chill.  These raincoats are ideal for wearing over jackets as they are often very light and a larger size will fit easily over fleece jackets or other styles.  This type of jacket is made from a form of plastic, which is ideal as it is very long lasting and will dry out fairly quickly.

Winter coats come in a variety of shapes and styles and it is an essential item for the colder months.  Without adequate protection during winter people are susceptible to the cold and in recent years we have seen just how bad the weather can be.

This type of winter rain wear is ideal for children.  They cannot always be persuaded to wear waterproof gear all the time, so carrying a packaway can be a solution that suits everybody.

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Winter Footwear

The current winter has perhaps been frequently wet rather than cold, but people can easily prepare for this type of weather by treating themselves to a pair of Wellington boots. The biggest change in style has been for ladies Wellington boots.  They are no longer plain in style but are instead brightly coloured and patterned, to bring a touch of cheeriness to those dull days.

This means that women can opt for bright pink footwear patterned with dots or flowers.  The designs and styles are numerous and the footwear comes in a range of sizes.  Wellington boots are the best way to keep the feet dry in winter and this will subsequently help with a number of other issues such as keeping chills at bay.  Wet feet can be one of the first steps towards feeling cold and miserable during the winter – colourful Wellies can ensure that we stay cheerful and optimistic during wet and windy weather.

The plastic of the boot is completely waterproof. The construction of the boot often has the added benefit of offering thick soles with a good grip, which gives protection on slippery surfaces.  They are ideal for wearing when walking the dog on terrain that is less than perfect. Ladies Wellington boots also help to keep the feet warm. The synthetic materials used in their construction are hard wearing and will usually last for more than one season, depending upon the amount of wear they endure.

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Underwear for All Seasons

One way in which to ensure feeling confident and smart is to begin with underwear.  Good quality underwear can help a person to feel comfortable and give them the right foundation for each individual outfit.

There is underwear suitable for every time of the year.  Winter is the perfect time to try out thermal underwear and this is available for every member of the family.  From girls thermal underwear to the wide range suitable for men, there is a warming garment for everyone.  Thermal socks can also be added to this list of must-haves for the winter months.

For spring, summer and autumn months, lighter styles are perhaps more appropriate. The range of men’s underwear available includes boxer shorts and y-fronts, as well as cotton vests.  Cotton underwear is a good choice as it is a natural fibre and allows the skin to breathe.  This is ideal for the summer months when the heat can make a person very uncomfortable.

The range of underwear for women includes control underwear – perfect for hiding all those lumps and bumps that do not need to be visible.  This style of underwear is also useful for the party season as they create a neat silhouette to provide the best look and feel.  Different styles of underwear are available to suit different outfits, such as briefs that can be worn under trousers and various other styles suitable for general every day wear.  In addition, there are ladies vests that are a lovely option.





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Planning for Wet Weather in Winter

While many people spend time planning for the icy weather that we expect in winter, there are also the wet days to plan for. Waterproof jackets are one of the best buys for the winter months as there is nothing worse than being outside and getting gradually wetter and wetter. These are often a light option that can be worn over a warmer jacket to keep both the cold and the rain out.

Alternatively, a good umbrella is a good investment. These are ideal for wet days, although they can prove to be something of a challenge on windy days. The stronger the better when it comes to umbrellas, and there are many different types available. Those who spend time at sporting events may prefer a golfing umbrella. These have been designed to easily cover both the player and the golf bag full of clubs; two people can easily take shelter under one of these. Children might prefer the clear ‘dome’ type umbrellas, which means that they fit right over the head to reduce the possibility of being hit by drips or causing damage to somebody with a stray spoke. This type of umbrella will not restrict vision when walking, as it is see-through.

Waterproof hats are essential in winter and the new trapper style hats are ideal for this as many designs have a waterproof outer. These hats have the added benefit of being very fashionable and popular with both young and old.


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Girl’s Tights for Winter

Sometimes it is difficult to persuade a little girl to wear socks in winter, and tights might be a better option.  These have the advantage of keeping the whole of the leg warm and are ideal for those days when a dress is needed, such as for school or a day out with the family.  The range of girl’s tights comes in a variety of colours, so they can be easily matched to different outfits.  They have the advantage of being thicker than the tights worn by older girls and women and they provide a good level of warmth on cooler days.

The tights are opaque and are created from a blend of fibres including cotton, polyamide, and elastane.  This ensures that they are long lasting and keep their shape while remaining soft and comfortable to wear.  They are machine washable so are easy to care for and should last for the entire winter season.

The different styles of girl’s tights often have flat seams to prevent chafing against the skin. They are usually bobble resistant, which prevents them from looking old and worn prematurely.  These tights for girls come in packs, usually of three pairs. These are ideal for use as a small gift and buying in multipacks this way can be useful for helping to save money.  The range is available for newborn babies and children aged up to six years old.


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Winter Scarves for Men

There are many different men’s winter scarves available on the market and one of the growing trends is to opt for a reversible scarf.  The main advantage of this is that there is no ‘wrong’ side, so it does not matter which side is showing it will always appear to be worn correctly.  In addition, each side is usually a different colour and this means that those who want to colour co-ordinate their outfits can do so much more easily.

The fact that the scarf is reversible usually means that it will be slightly thicker than a standard scarf so these are ideal for those very cold days.  Most scarves are 100% acrylic.  This synthetic fibre has a similar feel to wool although it is cheaper to produce and has a longer life span.  It is also machine washable.

The trend now is for a striped design on the scarf and this is ideal for those who want to dress smartly rather than casually.  It adds a touch of colour to an otherwise plain outfit, and gloves and hats in similar colours can be used.  As the material is inexpensive to produce, adding a few men’s winter scarves to a wardrobe is a possibility for many people, giving them a wide choice of garments.  Scarves are also the ideal stocking filler gift for men at Christmas as they are a practical item and there are plenty of different styles from which to choose.


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Choosing Children’s Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns

When ensuring that children are warm in winter, it is equally important to make sure that they are warm enough when they are sleeping.  Children’s pyjamas come in a variety of styles and choosing the right ones can keep them cosy and warm at night to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Pyjamas with long sleeved tops and full-length bottoms are ideal for the winter months.  Winter pyjamas are not necessarily thick and fleecy but many styles are now lightweight enough to offer good levels of comfort.  Available designs include many characters from popular culture including Bart Simpson and Thomas the Tank Engine. As these are often made from 100% cotton, it ensures that the child will not get too warm and that the skin can still breathe, helping to control the temperature.

The pyjamas are made to ensure that the child still has freedom of movement.  Children move around while they are asleep and need to feel comfortable even if their nightwear has managed to wrap itself around them.

Before bedtime is another issue and a dressing gown is ideal for keeping the cold at bay, particularly after bath time.  These are often made from 100% polyester, which means that they dry quickly if they get wet and that they have a good thermal rating.  The simplest styles to choose are the wraparound styles with the belt fastening at the waist, as this is easier for young children to fasten themselves.


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Children’s Blankets for Winter

When everyone is wrapped up tightly against the cold with thermal underwear, gloves, hats and scarves, it is time to consider keeping warm inside the home. The children’s character blankets are produced inexpensively.  One of the main benefits of this material is that it has an excellent thermal rating. For those colder nights, adding a fleece blanket to a child’s bed is the perfect way to keep out the cold.

The available fleece blankets feature a wide range of characters from children’s shows and films.  These include Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bart Simpson, Disney Princesses, and Bob the Builder.  Additionally, designs that feature the logo of football clubs such as Manchester United are also very popular in the range of children’s character blankets.  The blankets are inexpensive and replacing them when the child’s taste changes should not be too much of a stretch.

The blankets are ideal for using as an extra cover on the bed or as a throw on a chair, and if the child is feeling under the weather, they can simply use it to wrap themselves.  They are also useful for adding a splash of colour to a room and are a great way to decorate a child’s room with their favourite character without going to the time or expense of character wallpaper and other features.


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